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Part 1: SBIN, EWT support 171.5/176.5 key levels.

Important for reversal 176.5 & 171.5, the outcome was clear that we would get a smart move higher.

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  1. Hi,
    I am Abhishek Chaudhary I had bought sbin 173 and sell it 179 as I was scared of loss. I had a good amount of profit, thanks for sharing the tips. Perfect analysis of sbin stock.

  2. supper, I have bought 172.61 level with 25 lots and i am in a profit i am still holding my position, i will sell at 180.37. Thanks

  3. Thank you for sharing the ideas, it is looking good but i cannot read full analysis. i want to subscribe to get full information.

  4. your analysis always makes me smile sbin touched 171 already my target is 189, is that possible?

  5. i have not traded, since i didn’t see this message on time,. your most of the analysis is best.
    Also I am waiting for your next analysis to publish. Cheers!

  6. Nicely done, Been following your other tips as well. Can you please keep giving out general tips such as the volume and breakout mentioned here. It is really beneficial for beginners like me.

  7. Thank you for the kind explanation, with all the times and stuff. It’s easy to translate and follow the wave even in small trades. I Made good money on your ideas, So nice work! Share more such ideas!

  8. On your reliance stock, i was so confident on it i had traded at @1509 and sold @1578 and booked 83000 profit on it i wanted to hold but sold very early as i did not want to go in loss. My subscription is going to be over after 1 month but as i want to subscribe now only. Thanks for every call i always make profit. love from tamilnadu

  9. I have been waiting for your advise and vision of the big picture, then for the accurate detail and the precision of your analysis!

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