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This rule is the one that I get  the most questions and feedback on by traders from all over the world. Traders ask, “What do you mean, love to lose money. Are you crazy?” No, I’m not crazy. What I mean is to accept the fact that you are going to have losing trades throughout the trading session. Get out of your losers quickly. Love to get out of your losers quickly. It will save you a lot of trading capital and will make you a much better trader.


Nifty Futures
(Updated on 06-06-2012 Time 08.50 AM)


Yesterday we had written above 4858 would move up to 4885-4902


It went up to 4876 and retraced.

Now Today


Above 4855 will move up to 4885-4902 as written yesterday.


If sustains higher levels at 4902 with volumes may see 4935-4958.


4824-4802 area intraday support zone.

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