Free Stock market / Nifty intraday tips

NIFTY Future Selling 5472-5486 and also 5522-5537

Yesterday, We Sold NIFTY Future 100 lots and 1000 lots by my Subscribers….!

100% Sure Targets 5404-5396 (EveryOne had known our Targets)

Lots of Traders by PUT of NIFTY ….!

Are you Missing This Opportunity…???

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  1. I am a paid member and you had advised to hold for a gap down.

    I did and made good profits. Excellent Guruji waiting for your update.

  2. i shorted nifty as per guruji’s call and he told me that nifty might open gapdown, and in the morning i saw nifty open in gap down. realy owsome Mr. guruji. I thing indian stock market is in your hand:)

  3. Superb prediction. I am watching your calls for some time. All are great. Clients and followers are very safe at your hands.

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