Free Stock market / Nifty intraday tips

Nifty Future lead to a bigger move ???

Comparison of Nifty Spot with difference indexes…



nifty comparing with dow jones



Nifty future and Indian VIX with Moving average of Nifty future…which in Sell mode.



nifty vix



NIFTY Daily chart shows a range at the top. Break of the smaller range may lead to a bigger move


nifty trading range


I hope you will enjoy of this chart analysis



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  1. Instead of wasting your time in publishing all these charts you people should just write that “This the trend (Up / Down) and These are the possible Targets with xxxx as a Stop Loss” that’s it man. Good Job Done.

  2. I appreciate this approach of explaining technical by a chart. one should learn for future ref.
    it is said that eating fish is easy but ” fishing” gives an art to make money forever.

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