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Nifty Future 23-07-2012


Open Mind
The mind is like a parachute – it works best when it is open. How quickly we make assumptions, jump to conclusions and close our mind. How easily we form and hold fast to our opinions and then close our mind. How fast do we make a judgement, slap on a label and then close our mind. A closed mind never knows the delight of playing with possibilities, being enlightened by others point of view or enjoying the diversity of human life. An open and understanding mind never assumes, doesn’t jump to conclusions and won’t hold fast to any opinion. Perhaps it is no wonder a closed mind is not a very relaxed mind.


What about Nifty Futures Today…?

You can see easy fall upto 5170 and also 5158

Suppose to close OR break it and then… fall will be continue to 5111-5089


You can face 5229-5241 as resistance…!



  • Hanging man has managed to stop bulls.
  • Spot Nifty 5267-5300 remains unfilled.
  • 5156-5176 “maximum pain area” for intraday
  • Friday chart of Dow Jones has also showed for down trend.

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