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Is Nifty Future’s Bull Market Over?


nifty-rbiNifty Futures made a new swing high at 6239 and closed the day at 6196.10. The low made was at 6154.35.


Yesterday, I told you to sell 6248 around but Nifty future made 6239 high and touched our targets as 6170 (low of NF 6054)


[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] Be patient with winning trades; be enormously impatient with losing trades. Remember it is quite possible to make large sums trading/investing if we are “right” only 30% of the time, as long as our losses are small and our profits are large. [/sws_blockquote_endquote]


What’s for Today?

Our Targets for Nifty future 6111 and 6094 for short seller

Just, watch 6160 below…today…then possible to take our targets…

Sell on higher levels keeping strict stop loss of 6230 would be our strategy for intraday.


Long Term prediction on Nifty Future:

Don’t be suprise if NF will 6565 to 6637 coming days…

Short selling will born only around 6300 for short term only

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