Free Stock market / Nifty intraday tips

How will you decide next move for NIFTY?

We are winner of NIFTY researches all times.

HighLight tail with Yellow color at value low.
 -> Tail detect each time when price taken U-turn.

Wave counting 5 are completed.

Gravitating price is at 11340 as a target.
(suppose to close above 11357, then the next target will be 11468 (more than 90% probabilities).

We may face Resistance at control price 11340 nearby, for target 11189.

95% chance to win if create a TAIL at value for U-Turn. Bullish Candle: candle closed of previous 3 candles.

To see the following Researches, I suggest you take some time important for you.

WAITING for Active below call for subscribers.

Sell in the zone 11300-11325 with stops above 11364.
Targets  11200 and 11136


30th July updated in 2019.

Intraday target 11268-11284 and control can attract nifty toward 11334 very soon. Look at below intraday chart.


Wait more update shortly.

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