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This is to Double – Triple your Money (Option Trade)

This is to Double – Triple your Money

BUY NIFTY 5600 PUT 44-48 with Stoploss 38 Go for Targets 82-120 and 162-180 (Expire)

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  1. fantastic rocking call

    this man is a wonder

    this is really guru of market

    i dont know what to say

    so accurate and fantastic i dont have words

    you rock man you rock



  2. Just extraordinary call. It was rocking from the moment you gave the call. I am a paid member that was really great.

    I hope many more of these will follow. Guru should really be called Guru no doubt with it.

  3. Very Much Enjoy… Excellent & Awesome call in option 1st time my money Double, Guru U R Realy Guru of stock mkt

  4. Sir,

    Guru gave excellent tips, I read the tips at 72 and watched, not entered, now realised, feeling bad for not buying ,will you give us daily tips.I am greatfull to you sir, thanks

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