NSE COCHINSHIP – Trading Insights & Updates

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We had written clearly, “If the price sustains above 865, traders can trade the following targets: 878– 891– 909+”


[04 March 2024]

  • 09:15 AM – NSE COCHINSHIP Made a new low of 864.5, which was our entry point.
  • 09:30 AM – Price touched the first target of 878.
  • 09:45 AM – Security price reached the final target of 909, and made a new high of 913.8.

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NSE INFY – Bears Destroyed the Whereabouts of Bulls

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We had written clearly, “Sustained trading below 1647 could indicate further downside potential. Traders may consider the following targets: 1635 – 1622 – 1605+”


[05 March 2024]

  • 11:45 AM – NSE INFY hit the Final target of 1605, and made a new low of 1602.

[06 March 2024]

  • 10:45 AM – Price made a new low of 1580.10.

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NSE EIHAHOTELS Achieves a Triumphant 76% Gain

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We had written clearly, “If the price breaks out and sustains above the corrective channel, traders can trade for the following targets: 502 – 524 – 542+”



[5 January 2024]

  • 09:15 AM – Price touched the first target of 502.

[16 January 2024]

  • 10:45 PM – EIHAHOTELS hit the first target of 524.

[18 January 2024]

  • 01:45 PM – Price Achieved the final target of 542, and made a new high of 625.

[7 February 2024]

  • 09:15 AM – NSE EIHAHOTELS made a new high of 818.95.

This Wave setup has given more than 76% return within 2 months.

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Trade Setup – NSE 3MINDIA, FINEORG & More

NSE 3MINDIA – Breakout Setup

3MINDIA reached a peak of 39876 before experiencing a significant decline of 24.16% within a span of two months. Although the price has remained above the 10-day moving average, it hasn’t surpassed the 35 and 50-day moving averages. The ADX (Average Directional Index) has dropped to 15.

The sub-wave 4 structure of 3MINDIA has been breached, signaling a potential opportunity for traders. However, it’s crucial for traders to confirm any pullback and entry after ensuring sustainability. If the price manages to sustain itself above 31500, traders may consider initiating trades with the following targets: 32425 – 33079 – 33600+. Free subscribers can take the previous day’s low as an invalidation level.

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NSE COCHINSHIP – Resistance Breakout

NSE COCHINSHIP has been trading above 10 & 35 crosses over and above 50 simple moving averages. ADX of the price has reached to 17. RSI of the at 58.

NSE COCHINSHIP has broken out the resistance level of 865. If the price sustains above 865, traders can trade the following targets: 878 – 891 – 909+. Traders can take the previous day as an invalidation level.

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