Commodity Guesstimate(12/02/2010): Mentha Oil, Copper, Nickel, Kapas, CPO, Cardamom, Soy Oil

mcx nickel
25 Nov 2010 means 7 days ago, what I said?
Buy nickel @ 1034
101% clear in your mind only profit – profit – profit
My all targets kissed nickel 1073
Now what you expect about nickel?


mcx mentha oil
Mentha Oil will touch 1300 soon
Close your eyes and just buy it
101% Hot Tips in MCX
Unbroken target 1347 – 1366+

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FULL VIEW: Commodity Guesstimates [03-11-2010]: MCX Crude oil, Natural Gas, Kapas, Popato

MCX Crude Oil (Last Close – 3737)

mcx crude oil

Yes, yesterday my subscribers bought @ 3705

And I said to make 1st intraday profit level @ 3745

For today my first intraday profit level is your support.

Watch carefully 3745 and BUY BUY BUY

I said my subscribers to make profit level – 3800

Do you want it? Then follow me… 101% profit guarantee


MCX Natural Gas (Last Close – 172.40)

natural gas

Watch very carefully level 171.50

If Natural Gas touch 171.50

HOLD FOR 10 MIN. After jump down side 171 then SELL SELL SELL

Close your eyes and sell it.

My targets is 168 – 165


MCX Potato and Kapas – Only subscribers can see.

MCX POTATO (Last Close – 615.60)

If Potato opens around the last close price

@ opening bell and touch 614.8 then SELL SELL SELL

Yes, my intraday targets is Rs. 606


MCX KAPAS (Last Close – 734.10)

mcx kapas

Buy kapas @ opening bell without anything worry.

Targets is 737 (Intraday Traders) – 739.5 (Short Term Traders)


KAPAS and POTATO both target hit…


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All Target Blast – MCX Kapas, Zinc, Aluminium and Chanadel on Oct 26, 2010


MCX Kapas

I said to buy it @740 above.

My targets touched Rs.746.


MCX Zinc and Aluminium

Yesterday, Zinc and Aluminium hiked my target @ opening bell in morning.

MCX Chanadel

What I said? Grab it @ 2344 and Target first target for intraday trader was 2351.

My first target blast Rs.2351

What you expect now?

Exact time – Exact level – My subscribers only due to market hrs.

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MCX Kapas, Zinc, Aluminium, Chanadel for Oct 25, 2010

MCX Kapas Cotton

MCX Kapas (Last Close 740.80):

Yes, my subscribers bought @ 728.

My last target is 746.

If Kapas open 740 above than intraday trader for from this level 740 buy and forget.

Set profit level 743-746.

Don’t think below 237 for long…!


MCX Zinc (Last Close 112.05):

MCX Zinc

Are you ready for play risk free game…?

Buy zinc @ 112 and get profit near @ 113 – 113.5.

Red light below triple one (111)



MCX Aluminium(Last Close 104.5):

MCX Aluminium

I think there is some profit and some risk in this.

If aluminium wait at 104.4 then don’t think, just buy it. Targets 105 – 105.5 (Stoploss – 104)




MCX Chanadel (Last close 2342):

MCX Chanadel

Watch : 2344 above

Crossover it… Grab for targets 2351

After 2351 and touching 2365… then 2378 for positional in 2-3 days


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