Commodity MCX Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas, Zinc, CPO, Kapas tips

mcx crude oil

For intraday trading, Crude oil is 70% looking downside. What to do today with it? If once open downward then sell it @ opening bell with targets: 6331-6307 and if open upward then I will say my subscribers, what to do!

natural gas

Do you remember free premium tips for everyone on Natural gas? If you don’t remember then click here to remind again natural gas live tips. On Feb 26th, 2014 I said, “SELL MCX NATURAL GAS @ 289 OR BELOW TARGETS: 286 – 280 – 277 S/L FOR PAID SUBSCRIBERS

baby gif

On last 3 trading session – one by one & day by day, NG touched all targets!
What else you need, man!

On last trading session, why natural gas railed more than 1.7% after kiss our all targets? Behind this, is there technical or fundamental reason? You want to know next week direction with chart? First subscribe our service because only premium members can read full article with charts and in-detail with levels.


mcx zinc


Look above MCX Zinc chart: you can see strong buying signal. Where to buy and stop loss, I will not mention here but Targets are 131.8-133-134+ above.


mcx ncdex cpo

Let me introduce small & safe commodity to you and its CPO. Day to day our premium subscribers trading on it from last couple of weeks and earning lots of Money! Nowadays, looking new targets up to 620 level from 601.6 (last closed level).
Short term targets: 604-607+
Long term targets: 611-616-620

I am not saying today @ opening bell from it will move up or down, but it’s all about short term safe investment. Remember, stop loss is lifeline for day traders and I can’t say you because I am taking fees from premium members for some secretes.

Few peoples written comments about Kapas trend proposal and here is your answer: It’s not safe to make trade for short/long term investment. It’s just good for Intraday trading.

Note: lots of readers sending me constantly e-mail on the subject of Silver direction, but sorry to inform you. I cannot write regarding it because I previously wrote article on silver with technical chart on Feb 17, 2014 with upcoming big bang (dhamaka) for my premium members in password protected zone and I can’t unlock before all targets blast… Anyway keep mailing, I will try to respond you as much as possible.

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FREE MCX Tips on Crude oil, Copper, Nickel and Kapas

mcx ncdex kapas cutton
MCX Kapas is short term future looking very bright and we should take at-least one position. Buy @ opening bell, targets: 963-967-969+
Remember, exact time + level + stoploss = paid members!

mcx copper
What you expect about Copper and Nickel direction? I am expecting more blood with unbelievable movements. More information will update by SMS to our members.

mcx crude oil

If you have any questions or concerns about the Commodity market, don’t hesitate to let me know. For more information, you may call +91 9033862706 OR email on [email protected]

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I was updated gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas, copper, nickel and kapas khali almost all targets completed in just 2 trading session.

mcx gold girl

What I said about Gold on last newsletter? (Click here to read it)
“If once it crosses or close continuously above 29790 level then it may touch 29900 – 30000+”
Gold kissed all targets —— know what you think?
I expect, Gold will touch 30204 – 30430 – 30540 level but remember, stop loss & exact level entry is very important.

silver hot girl

I was said to my subscribers in password protected zone: “For long term, MCX Silver is looking strong, and it may touch 49000 – 50000+. Intraday traders, just keep your eyes on it ..I will alert you thought SMS.”
Dear subscribers, as I said on last newsletter — Silver touched 49K and second target 50K to few points below thus, book profit on our opening bell SMS.

mcx-crude oil

Dear free users, I hope you remember… about Crude oil
Do you remember na? If NO, then click here and read our newsletter again:
I said, “MCX Crude oil is 110% downward & very hot! Keep your small eyes on opening bell. Intraday: 6142 – 6110. Hurdle: 6235
Short term: 6080″
Yesterday, crude oil all targets achieved. What else you need friends?
What you think? It will go down continue or stay here?
For to know it, subscribe our service..

MCX Natural Gas

What I said on last commodity newsletter about NATURAL GAS? CLICK HERE TO READ IT
I told you all, “Sell Natural gas if it closes below 228 level. Long term targets: 226 – 224 – 222 – 220 below.”
Female Warrior Dance

mcx nickel

I had also written about Nickel
I said, “Who have lion heart? It can play with Nickel. If once open upward then buy buy buy… Targets: 872.5 – 876+.”
male gif dancer

mcx kapas

I was updated about Kapas khali.
I had written: “If MCX Kapas khali [Last close: 1642.5] open upwardly then small traders can jump on it like ants. Targets: 1648-1653”
It touched 1st target on Monday and Second target yesterday. What else you need?


Remember, exact time + exact level + stop loss = for paid subscribers only!

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WEEKLY FREE TIPS & NEWS OF MCX COMMODITIES: MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas, Copper, Nickel & Kapas

U.S. Stock Market S&P 500 Stock index future show new high with solid uptrend plus MCX Gold was jumped above 3% on last week and closed below Rs.133 on Friday. Bullion sector is looking weak for this week and metals are very strong rather than gold & silver. MCX Crude oil and Natural gas will move continue downwardly.


Overall MCX Gold is looking downward for this week and It will kiss 28970 – 28730 – 28400 below plus if opening bell downward then intraday targets 29280 – 29130. If once it cross or close continuously above 29790 level then it may touch 29900 – 30000+

mcx silver


MCX Crude oil is 110% downward & very hot! Keep your small eyes on opening bell. Intraday: 6142 – 6110. Hurdle: 6235
Short term: 6080

Natural gas

Sell Natural gas if it close below 228 level. Long term targets: 226 – 224 – 222 – 220 below.
Remember, exact time + exact level + stoploss = for paid members only!


Opening bell should be anywhere! Just sell with targets: 446-444
Long term target: 442.5

mcx nickel

Who have lion heart? It can play with Nickel. If once open upward then buy buy buy… Targets: 872.5 – 876+. Remember, if open downward then keep silence..

mcx kapas

If MCX Kapas khali [Last close: 1642.5] open upwardly then small traders can jump on it like ants. Targets: 1648-1653

Exact time + Exact Level + Exact Stoploss = Subscribers only!

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Weekly outlook: MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas, Copper, Nickel, Cotton, CPO


See above MCX Silver chart, big boom is near. Oh yes, intraday traders don’t worry. Go and sell it today. Keep in mind, opening bell role is very important here.
Short-term targets: 41,730-41,482
Don’t forget, big boom is very near. Where, Upside or Downside? For to know it, you need to subscribe our service. Remember, bullion market is very risky. Take some expert advice and make safe trade.

MCX Gold trend is changed. From where to where? I will inform to my subscribers only!


Look MCX Crude oil, are you able to look any chances to move upside huh? I don’t need to write more about it yes but stoploss is very important here. I will say it to my subscribers.
Intact targets: 6474-6410


Click (to enlarge) on Natural gas chart for view perfect prediction…

mcx copper

I am not here to guide you any target, stoploss or trend but just want to say you… if any person say you to buy copper at this level then don’t be fool. “One hint is enough for a wise person.”

mcx ncdex kapas cutton

Cotton is looking very good. I think, we should to buy it but once it close above 20129 level then no worry @ all.
Targets: 20212 – 20260 – 20320 – 20400+
Oh yes, if it will not close above 20129 level in 3 trading session then it will come back and touch 19948 – 19808 – 19684 below…

Below is updated Nickel, CPO… Do you want to read full newsletter? Subscribe our service now!

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MCX UPDATE: Silver and Kapas – All targets done!

mcx silver
What had I told about Silver on 23 Jun?
If remember then Click here to read it again.
I said, “Just open your eyes and see bloodbath level 40,957. Remember, whenever it close below that level then you see at 38654 level.
ninja gif
Yesterday Silver kissed 38654 level.. What else you need?

mcx ncdex kapas cutton
I had also told about kapas on same date.
I said, “Kapas is best for small traders. Go and sell it. Targets: 1040-1037-1034-1030 below.
Day before yesterday, Kapas made low 1030.2 and kissed our third target.
what to do silver burn

More Commodity Update & Newsletter for our Subscribers only!

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