MCX UPDATE: Crude oil and Kapas

What had I told you on Jun 23 about Crude oil?
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I had told, “Crude oil will take U-Turn on this Monday. It will kiss 5646-5692-5727-5780+
I said that on Sunday and from Monday morning to start to raise crude oil. CRUDE OIL KISSED OUR 3rd Target Yesterday! Now else you want?
I hope everyone enjoyed free tips in MCX.

mcx kapas

Oh yes, on 23 Jun I had told about Kapas. CLICK HERE to read my 23 Jun Article.
I said, “Kapas is best for small traders. Go and sell it. Targets: 1040-1037-1034-1030 below
Yesterday Kapas made low 1030.1 and Kissed my 3rd target.
What else you need?

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Weekly outlook: MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas and Kapas with chart


See above silver chart. You can say easily what to do in silver but when silver running between support 42,438 and resistance 45,504. Just open your eyes and see bloodbath level 40,957. Remember, whenever it close below that level then you will see at 38,654. So what to do now? For to know, subscribe our service.

mcx ncdex crude oil

Crude oil will take U-Turn on this Monday. It’ll kiss 5646-5692-5727-5780+. Remember, once close below 5581 level then stop buying and start selling with targets: 5536-5500.



Kapas is best for small traders. Go and sell it. Targets: 1040-1037-1034-1030 below… A sorry, but free user for stoploss is not available.


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COMMODITY NEW UPDATE: MCX Gold, Copper and Kapas


Do you believe on Short term?
Go and Buy MCX Kapas. It will kiss 939-946 level in between 3-5 trading sessions. Kapas can try to go down but overall looking upward.

mcx gold

MCX Gold hurdle is 29183 level. Now what you think? It’ll move upside or downside?
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mcx copper

From last 3 months to continue moving downside. Today it’s looking weak and hot. My intact targets: 423-422. Now you have question, where should I sell it? What’s the stoploss? Am I right? And answer is,”I have paid subscribers and my duty to give them something special.”
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MCX New update: Gold, Natural gas, Aluminum and Kapas


Once MCX Gold open downward then Go and sell it without any question. Targets: 30181-30143-30098
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One of the best item in MCX is Natural gas. Go and sell it. Targets: 173.6-171.9
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MCX Aluminium

Today MCX Aluminum looking crazy. So many times in our past newsletters, I was mentioned sell aluminum. Again I am saying this thing, if once today it will close at 107.9 or below.. then go and sell it…. It will kiss 106.4 in just 2 trading session. Yes, exact time with stoploss for my subscribers only!


mcx ncdex kapas cutton

I also said so many times to sell MCX kapas in my past newsletters. Today just going to give you alert. Stop selling after 2 trading session because it will try to change direction. Intraday traders for last targets: 875-871
Once thing keep in mind, once it’ll close below to our last target then you will see big bloodbath in it.

New update: MCX Aluminum, Nickel, Silver, Cardamom, Kapas and Natural gas

MCX Aluminium

What you expect about MCX Aluminum?
Don’t expect anything, just go and sell it without worry.
Targets: 107.4-106.8


MCX Natural Gas

If you want to play safely then I recommend MCX Natural gas. Go and buy it and forget for short term.
Short-term targets: 197-199-201+


cardamom mcx ncdex

You want to earn only money and without any risk?
Don’t think much more… Buy MCX Cardamom and forget everything.
Ultimate targets: 1084-1110-1137-1147


mcx kapas

MCX Kapas is looking weak. Go and sell it @ opening bell
Intraday targets: 886-884-881


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New update: MCX Silver, Lead, Cardamom and Kapas



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