New Update: MCX Gold, Silver, Natural Gas, Kapas, Cardamom and Crude Oil

Today MCX Market looking downward means Silver and Gold will fall downside(Aage-aage dekho hota hai kya..!). I am going to write exact level and exact time with targets and stoploss below but for my subscribers only!
You want to see new Update MCX Gold/Crude Oil/Cardamom/Kapas/Natural Gas..???
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New Update: MCX Crude Oil, Kapas, CPO and NCDEX Dhaniya

crude oil

Trade without fear..!
Buy crude oil on deep between 5360 – 5366 without worry
Make Targets: 5400 – 5410
Free users for stoploss last low!

mcx ncdex kapas cutton

Sell MCX Kapas above 832 with stoploss 837
Targets: 826.5 – 820
Trade with Medium QTY (Bit Risky)

mcx ncdex cpo

Who want to earn only money?
Wait for close above 572.5 and after BUY BUY BUY!!!
Intact Targets: 577 – 580 – 583.5

ncdex dhaniya

Money makers: Keep your eyes on Dhaniya
Once it open upward then buy without worry!
Targets: 4125 – 4169
Yes, stoploss I’ll say to my clients by SMS!

New Update: Crude oil, Copper, Kapas, Nickel, Lead, GuarGum, GuarSeed and Turmeric + Special Offer

mcx crude oil

On last trading session crude oil closed up side
I think it’ll continue close up side in next 2 trading session
Today you all keep your eyes on 4936 level ….crucial crossovers with volumes then???
Crude oil will zoom to kiss 4958 – 4979
On Crude oil trading is sideway thus keep your eyes on opening bell
Free users for stop loss last low!

mcx kapas

Looking very Hot!
Traders, just watch 895 level
Your stop loss will be 892
Targets: 901 – 904.5

mcx copper

Copper as I expected fired.
Today it’ll try to take U-Turn
Yes, it’ll make ride downside in between 2 trading session after all it’s looking upwards
More information about Copper for subscribers only!

mcx nickel

Nickel Hurdle is 1025
Once it’ll go down to hurdle then No-one can stop it
It’ll move continue downwards and make low 1020 – 1016 below…
But… I LOVE Nickel
If it’ll not close below to my hurdle then I’m watching big rally on Nickel with non-stop targets: 1040 – 1051 – 1063 – 1068+


110% Looking very Hot!
I’ll write about Lead for my subscribers only!

ncex guar seed and guar gum

110% Hot Commodities!
We see Nonstop Rally upto 13685 – 13895 – 14111 – 14441+ in NCDEX GuarSeed
In GuarGum you will see Rally upto 44073 – 44865 – 45400+ in 2 hours only!
Remember, opening bell should be up side

ncdex turmeric free tips

On last trading session Turmeric made good high
Today once open up side then you’ll see unexpected rally
Targets: 5326 – 5353

Commodity Valentine Offer: 15,500 for 1 Year and 11,500 for 3 Month!

New Update: MCX Copper, Nickel and Kapas

mcx copper

When Copper run around 414 levels that time I said you, “BUY COPPER ON DEEP AS YOU CAN. TARGETS WERE: 421 – 423 – 426 – 429

ninja gif
My First Target 421 Touched..!!!
Enjoy Everyone..!!!
what to do silver burn
It’ll touch my final targets 429 and 431+..???
For to know it – Subscribe now

mcx nickel

Risky whiskey – Only For Lion Heart Traders!
Buy Nickel above 1062 levels with stop loss 1057
Targets: 1075 – 1079

mcx kapas

Sell Kapas between 886 – 883
Make hurdle: 891
Targets: 873 – 868 – 866

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