MCX Gold & Crude Oil Trading Tips & Analysis

free commodity gold tips & chart

MCX Gold Measured Moves

Gold has made a Doji in the weekly chart. It’s a direct sign of a reversal. And wherein ADX is less than 25 but +DI above the -DI. Additionally, the 20 MA line is trying to stay downside.

In short, DMI & MA is throwing a strong upward signal. Moreover, its volume is increasing. This week, we have chances to see gold prices above the 51860 levels. The day traders can follow the following targets:
51000 – 51360 – 51860+

And short-term investors can hold for 52000 – 53000 – 53560+ levels.

All you need to do is watch out for a dynamic support trendline. It should remain above it. Else, it will start falling. And that downfall for the levels of 50000 – 49600 – 49360.

Significant releases or events that may affect the movement of gold & crude oil:
Monday, Nov 02, 2020

  • 11:00 – Gold Index

Tuesday, Nov 03, 2020

  • 05:30 – U.S. Presidential Election

Wednesday, Nov 04, 2020

  • 02:00 – U.S. API Weekly Crude Stock
  • 21:00 – U.S. Crude Oil Inventories

free MCX crude oil calls chart

Crude Oil Price Setting Up For A Downside Price Rotation

First, let’s talk about the previous update of crude oil . There, I have drawn the symmetrical triangle bearish pattern on the hourly chart of MCX’s crude oil.

free commodity crude oil chart tips

I had written for the day traders, “…the last expected stop is at E. So, we may see crude oil at/below 2840 – 2820 level”.


And for the short-term traders, I had written in bold words, “this symmetrical triangle base range is 378 points. So, the game will begin whenever crude oil will breakout the triangle pattern . Downward breakout’s targets: 2610 – 2500 – 2460“.

Crude oil has touched the first target (2610) by making a low of 2606 level on 29 Oct ’20. Now let’s come to the point, will crude hit the second & last target or not?

If crude oil prices break out the 2600 level, we will see 2540 – 2500 – 2460 levels before the weekend.

Please note that don’t sell it above the 2600 level.

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MCX Crude Oil Hourly Charts In-Depth Analysis

free commodity crude oil chart tips

MCX Crude oil has made a symmetrical triangle pattern, and that indicates a bearish continuation. At present, its price is moving inside the triangle pattern. That’s a consolidation area. The prices will keep playing sideways here.

Intraday traders can sell or buy based on control price. The last expected stop is at E. So, we may see crude oil at/below 2840 – 2820 level.

This symmetrical triangle base range is 378 points. So, the game will begin whenever crude oil will breakout the triangle pattern.

Upper breakout’s targets: 3130 – 3200 – 3280+
Downward breakout’s targets: 2610 – 2500 – 2460

Beware to tail, fakeout, and excess. Accurate entry-level, target and stop-loss is available for the premium members only.

Base Metals Trading Calls Update: MCX Zinc Ready For Another Rally Attempt

Yesterday I had an updated intraday trading call on Zinc. It has made a high of 194.55 level and closed at 194.35. Will it reach the first & second target or not?

Bullion Update: MCX Silver’s Next Target 65200 by the Elliott Wave

I had updated an intraday call on the silver the day before yesterday while its price was running nearby the 61500 levels. It has reached the first target before collapsing. So, what are you expecting ahead?

Will silver hit the next targets or keep falling? To get more information about MCX Trading Alerts, subscribe now.

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Positional & Intraday Crude oil Call

free commodity crude oil tips

The trend is making a symmetrical triangle.
In the symmetrical triangle, you can see the trend is descending, and it will continue to fall up to the particular targets, which are shown in the charts (T1 2886 & T2 2800).

After knocking the lower ascending trendline with higher lows (support), It will bounce to the upper descending trendline with the lower highs (resistance). After that, If the trend makes consecutive candles, there will be an ascending trend. But don’t sell if the trend falls and crosses the stop loss.

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Crude oil Forecast: Using Fibonacci Retracement Levels

free crude oil chart tips

Was That the Top in Crude oil?

Crude oil price is running nearby a 78.60% retracement level, and it can act as support. Hence, trade with the trend: sell positions executed around 78.60% retracement level area for the targets of 2660 – 2600 – 2560 – 2500.

For long-term investors: they can hold for 2410 – 2320 levels.

Don’t sell crude oil above the 2740 level. It can start raising for 2980 – 3260 levels.

Gold and Silver Tips & Updates

Did you read the last report of gold? If not, click here.

Hurdle: 52260
From this week, gold may start collapsing. And it should be run for the 50000 levels.

Don’t draw any position above the hurdle. ‘Cause it will fly from there.

Click here to read the silver detailed report.

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Gold & Crude oil Long-term Calls Updates

Gold Hits All-Targets

I had sent a buy signal on 7th July while gold was moving around 48000. Targets were 49560 – 50000 – 52000 – 53000+ levels.

Click here to read that article: Gold Long-term Trend Analysis, Tips, & Chart

Currently, gold prices running around 55,000.
Gold Profit: Rs.7,00,000

Crude Oil Targets Updates

crude oil tipsI had written many times to buy crude oil for the long term while it were running around 1000 price. I will highlight a few newsletters from it.

March 16, 2020: Free Crude Oil Tips – BUY for Long-term

Targets for long-term investors: 3700 – 4000 – 5000

June 14, 2020: Crude Oil Setting Up For Another Big Trade

The long-term traders must keep their eyes peeled for a crossover into the S-RSI. The crude oil prices will fly into the sky. Be ready for 3200 – 3500 – 4000 levels.

July 15, 2020: Crude Oil Trading Strategy & Calls

15M TA Chart | Targets: 3160 – 3200+

Crude Oil Profit: Rs.2,20,000 Per 1 Mega Lot
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Update: MCX Aluminium Futures Tips

July 29, 2020: Is Aluminium On the Way Up Now?

I had written, “As per the chart, keep your eyes on Aluminium-bull resistance line. We may see prices at 143 – 144.6 or above soon.”

Aluminium had touched all targets the day before yesterday and made a high today 147.5.

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