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KOTAK BANK virtue opportunity for traders:

Kotak Bank is trading near the resistance line.
In the past it has already followed its resistance and slope down.
It is trading in disjoint channel.
There is a higher probability that the will fall, however if it cross its resistance that is 1398 the stock will be bullish.

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  7. nice work, It was the correct prediction of kotak bank inds picked support and breakout target. hats off to you.

  8. on basis of the Kotak bank analysis i had soled 150 lots at 1414 kept stop-loss at 1428 and my target was 1354 and it just hit my target, i got 57870 rupees profit amazing, i am very happy thank-you so much.

  9. i had buyed at 1399 and sold at 1417 Just made a small profit but decent profit only because I was working with a small lot. Thanks

  10. what is see is nifty50 is making divergence and can fall any time ,so don’t you think it will be bit risky to take a trade in stock and wait for a month, i mean if nifty 50 is making divergence and nifty50 falls then there is high chances that stock will fall too.

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