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Gold and Silver: where will go from here and what happened over the last week?

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central-bankCOMEX Gold 5% and Silver 5.52% down on the week and over the last week, you have had an appreciating dollar, so I think that’s weighed on gold price. From the last several years, gold and silver have steadily been moving into stronger hands in its flight from greedy, cavalier and arrogant central bankers who never saw this coming. Why not? They have been habitual drinkers of their own cool-aid. In common situations, when supply is short and demand is strong and growing, the price of such a commodity, good, or service will increase. Just the opposite is happening in the gold and silver markets. For right now, the central bankers are defying the natural law of supply and demand, and it is working. Why is it working? People are not objecting! People are passively taking whatever the NWO/central bankers dish out.

Should you be buying gold and silver at any price? Remember, price is not the issue. Availability is! And we know, central bankers hold all the power cards, and they will play them, at all costs, and the costs will be yours to bear… In all probability, most expectations will be underestimated.

Let’s talk about Gold future:

MCX-GoldDo you remember May 09, 2013 morning at 9 O’clock I had written article on gold “Kick your all confusions about Gold and where are the Stops? Let me say you“? If you don’t remember then click on article name and read it now because I had written there all keys of Gold direction.

I said, “Once gold close below 26,456 level then targets will over 25,958-25,670.” As I said, Gold kissed my first target and moving to touch second target too. My subscribers earning money from May 09…

Silver direction:

silverTechnically and fundamentally silver is looking weak. Silver may take u-turn from 42,591 level and it can touch again 43,962 to 45,460 levels. If it will not stop at u-turn level 42,591 then it will touch step by step 41,734 – 40,700 – 39,510 – 38,652 levels soon.

But what is the exact level? Where can I buy or sell? Here, I will not share everything because I have paid members and he/she paying to me and my duty to say some secret about bullion sector future. Do you want it too? Then Click below and subscribe our service now.


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  1. first thank you! your gold call was superb sir. i am going to pay now by cash sir. thank you!

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