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Will Gold Prices Continue To Climb Higher?

MCX Gold prices blasted higher this year’s beginning, breaking out of their correction downtrend. What will happen next? Here’s how gold will perform this week:

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This Time is Different for MCX Silver – 2020 vs. Dec 2019

First, I recommend to look out my 8th Dec 2019 Silver’s chart (Read Full Article).

free silver calls chart

Now, look at the current month chart:

free silver tips chart

As I had drawn, silver has performed. What else you want!?

Anyway, look into the chart, I have been drawing a new trendline. That is a trend confirmation sign. Don’t buy the silver below the 46600 levels. It could fall up to 46000 – 45360 from there.

And above 47000 levels, 47500 – 48000+ levels are waiting.

Above/below consecutive closing prices and fake out identification required. Further information is available for premium subscribers.

If history repeats, crude oil will head to 4500

free crude oil tips chart

We cannot say this the crude oil under downtrend. It needs a consecutive breakout below the hurdle line to confirm it. And that breakout will fall the prices up to 4020 – 3900 below.

Otherwise, it will start climbing for 4280 – 4360 – 4400+ levels.

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free mcx crude oil tips chart

Exclusive Update: MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, & Nickel Tips

MCX Gold & Silver – Massive Bull?

How many of you bought the gold? We have updated many times that the gold is bullish up to 39000 – 39600 – 40000+. Use the following link to read the previous articles:

What’s next?

Hurdle: 40460
Support: 39200
Keep eyes on opening gaps. Now it’s time for intraday traders.
Resistance: 41260 – 41360

It’s under pressure up to 42000 levels.
Caution: a big downfall (up to 39260) after hurdle breakout.

The Prospects Of Silver’s Next Upswing

free silver calls chartSame for the silver as well. Scroll the older commodities articles from here:

We had updated many times, MCX silver will hit 46600 – 48000 – 49900+ levels.
Check out the first report here:

It has touched the first two targets. Will it achieve the 49900 levels?

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What If Crude Oil Is NOT In A New Bull Market?

free mcx crude oil tips chartClick the image to open in full size

free crude oil tips chartClick the image to open in full size

As per the above charts, the crude oil previous support trendline can continue the bullish trend. It could be up to 4692 – 4810 – 4900+.

The previous support trendline breakout: 4460 – 4360 – 4160

Technical Perspective of Nickel (Weekly & Intraday)

Nickel is showing up like falling. Is it? Its hurdle is the 1008 level.

Nickel needs to show a closing price above 1036 to come into a positive trend. It will a clear sign for 1050 – 1066+ levels.

Hurdle breakout: it could down up to 1000 – 986 levels.

free nickel tips chart

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MCX Gold Intraday Calls with 15M Technical Chart

Today we have updated the short-term view of gold: Click here

But what about Intraday? Look at the below chart:
free gold tips chart

Today gold is positive up to 39080 – 39120+ levels.
As described on the chart, a breakout of the seller area falls the gold prices up to 38850 – 38800 levels.

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Will Gold & Crude oil Keep Running Upside?

MCX Gold Tips & New Updates

free gold chart tips8th Dec Gold’s Chart
(Click here to read that article: Gold, Silver, & Crude oil Special Report)
Eventually, the gold has come out from the box. The next hurdle is 39260 level. Above it, be ready for 39600 – 39800 – 40000+ levels.

A Strong Support Level: 38560 (Below this, A Big Downfall..!!!)

free gold tips chartIntraday Gold’s Call Update
Read here: This 15M Chart Will Confirm The Gold Trend
In the last trading session, we have updated the intraday tips of Gold.

TG: 38950 – 39000 – 39060+”

All targets have achieved on the same day.

What will happen next?!
It will keep running for 39600 – 39800 – 40000+ levels? Or STOP HERE?

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free crude oil tips chart
Will Crude Oil Price Find Resistance Near 4460?

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MCX Silver Important Technical Signals & Update [24/12/2019]

silver tips charts

We have updated this free silver to you at 7:17 PM (A few hours ago).
Click here: MCX Gold, Silver, Aluminium Tips & Updates

We had written, “…we will see 46260 – 46400 – 46600 levels”.

How many of you traded on the silver call?
The first target of silver has come.

Our premium subscribers bought silver at 46000. Screenshot:

silver call sms

Do you think it will hit the second & third targets?

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