Golden Rule For Traders

1. You Must Have a Game Plan

2. You Should Follow the Game Plan

3. Always Trade With a Stop Loss

4. Diversify Your Trades

5. Trade the Big Moves While Filtering Out the Small

6. Trade With the Overall Trend

7. Do Not Listen to the News; Only the Market

8. Don’t Listen to Your Broker.

9. Have Money Management Rules

10. Most Important: Have the Discipline to Follow the Rules

Trading is Skill based Strategy

There Are Some Important Things to Consider

Trading is Skill based Strategy (Would you good skill to have when trading?)

Herein, some of important thing for you to consider

knowledge of levels


Secret Numbers/Levels: MoneyMunch is providing only levels which not secret, but Secret is how to use this all levels properly…!

If you’re not using a trading level properly, and you’re following the same loser traders, you’re Gambling with your money and your retirement!

PROFESSIONAL traders use a completely different set of rules and approach to the markets.

What will be in this level…?

You not need to consider below given Points while trading, cause of all factors will includes into level…!

1.) RISK & REWARD: Professional Traders must be keeping certain ration of Risk and Reward, but No…No…No Worry about it for you. Because we’re already keeping 1:3 ration of Risky and Reward in our levels, which means profit number be minimum 3-times from exit number.

For Example, BUY XYZ Script between 111 and 112, your exit level is 110 and targets is 117 above (CMP 111.6)

2.) DEFINE Your RISK (Manage Risk): Nothing is available in the world without risky, therefore Always trader should be known his/her risk before applying his/her trade. How much risky you are going to take is important for you…! Don’t trade where is out of capacity to take risky.  You don’t necessary to find or discover your risk because we are providing exit level. That is not mind to apply STOP LOSS. But after touching exit level, you should never think for profit greedy. After the touched exit level, just give 10 minutes time to yourself for thinking with patience for minimizing your losses…!

3.) DECIDING QUANTITY FOR TRADE: Before or After get levels for us, you can easily how much quantities you want to trade…? Focus on your margin while deciding quantities for trade. When you are trading,

Don’t think that is JACK POT call. That is true, nothing is Jackpot…while deciding quantities, you should think for next trade also.

4.) RIGHT MEANING OF AVERAGE: This “AVERAGE” word is very dangerous if you don’t know right uses of it. We provide Range for Buy or SELL levels? So, by using of this range you can trade easily.

1st Decide your quantities, how much you want to trade? After deciding quantities, you can apply quantities to get your average price to Exit level. (Note here, don’t trade overnight, and just keep quantities as pre decided.)

5.) MASSIVE YOUR PROFIT: Don’t be hurry to take Profit…because sometime you can get way to more profit. After achieving Profit levels, just Give 10-minutes maximum to understand massive profit. Sometime, after achieved profit levels, form us you will more profitable levels.

“We want maximum profit, and we want minimum Loss”.

6.) CONTROL OVER YOUR FEELINGS: There are some feeling which are increasing and decreasing while trading (includes, Fear, Greedy, Confidence, Desperation,  Satisfaction, etc.)

Always, you have to need control on Fear, Greedy and Confidence because changing strength over these factors is change your profit and gives confusion in your trading.

Easy Tool for controlling over these factors is simple name DISCIPLINE. Keep discipline while you are trading like I will follow exact and proper levels and I will never take position for next day in loss.

Discipline is what will make you take a profit at the right time, get out with a small loss at the right time, wait for the right entry point or perhaps not trade at all

Plan a trade and trade a plan

trade plan

Without doubt, no trader will last long if he doesn’t plan ever trade. But there is absolutely no point in making a plan for a trade if you are not disciplined enough to follow it.

A plan should cater for every eventuality. As Richard Dennis (Turtle fame) said, ”Don’t worry about the prices are going. Worry about what you are going to do when they get there.”

Thinks about what is being said here. Once you put your money down on a trade you cannot control the prices. So stop worrying about what could happen and concentrate on you trigger points and what you will do when these points are violates. By doing this your trading stops being emotional and now becomes very sysrematic and stress free.

There may never be a better time to invest in junior gold miners

Never Good Time

With the price of gold as it is, penny share miners cannot believe their luck. Previous cycles have gone something like this: the gold price rises; opportunists take the chance to raise cash to go gold prospecting; they spend the cash on geological surveys, rock sampling and some exploratory drilling. Then, by the time they have found some gold, its price has subsided. Nobody is interested, and they cannot raise the money to get any further.

This time it is different. Not only is the gold price high, but many of the world’s biggest gold miners have given up on the struggle of finding new reserves. Instead they are relying on buying into the discoveries made by small adventurers.

Mine construction needs finance, but today the chances of attracting a rich big brother have never been better. In addition, the financial forecasts look rosy. Most gold projects launched two to four years ago assumed a gold price of $650-$850 per oz. At that level, all things being equal, they would be a commercial proposition and yield a decent profit.

But changes to the gold price make little difference to the cost of developing a mine. Every dollar on the gold price adds to the forecast profit. No wonder the gold sector is hot! And no wonder gold mining companies are beating a path to my door – literally!

How To Make Money In The Stock Market?

How To Make Money In The Stock Market: Ignore This 1 Rule and You’ll Lose All Your MoneySo you want to know how to make money in the stock market. The first step in knowing how to make money in the stock market is knowing how not to lose it all.

If you ignore this one rule, you’ll lose all your money in the stock market and become one of those bitter skeptics that complains that the stock market is “rigged”.

Go for small daily and weekly gains, not big gains.

I’ve never met any successful trader who was a speculator in the markets. By speculator I mean someone who goes into a trade expecting to hit a home run and make a lot of money off a single trade.

This is what pink sheet and OTCBB traders do. This is why the pink sheets and the OTCBB market has killed more investors than all other markets combined.

You should never buy a stock because you think it is going to be a HUGE winner.

Rookies focus on how much money they can make. Professionals focus on how to limit losses.

Don’t get me wrong. I have hit a home run. It was more luck than skill. My goal was to hit a small winner, but then an external event exploded the stock upward. I had accidentally hit a huge winner. At the time I bragged to family and friends of my stock picking skill. But deep down I secretly knew the truth, I got lucky.

I’ve gotten lucky once in the last 10 years.

When I was young and dumb, I lost $10,000 in the pink sheet markets. I lost another $5,000 in the OTCBB market trying to play jumpers (stocks that uplist from the OTCBB to a major exchange).

I was young enough to come back. I’ll never do that again. Even years later, I still get a pain in my chest and an uneasy feeling in my stomach just thinking about it.

It is amazing how quickly your trading account will build up over time just by making a little bit every week.

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