Part 4: Trading Psychology – Conscious vs. Subconscious

4 Types Of Brain Waves

I would like to divide this section into 2 topics, 1x talent vs diligence and then explain the 4 types of brain waves.

Talent vs Diligence

David Perkins asked of how to use your brainwaves to deliver outstanding performance and divided brainwave speed into two forms.

Under PASSIVE When you understand your genetics, D.Perkins found that there are two types of people, the quick thinker and the slow thinker, in other words, people with fast and slow brain waves from birth.
Brain wave velocity means how fast one nerve cell communicates with the other.

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Part 3: Trading Psychology – Conscious vs. Subconscious

One question first, what do you think, how much (as a percentage) is controlled by the subconscious or the conscious in our lives? Who controls us?

Answer: 80-90% is controlled by our subconscious and 10-20% by our conscious mind. However, we think that we make conscious decisions, even if these “conscious decisions” are simply an output of our experiences or knowledge, emotions, or simply hereditary deposits from our consciousness.

Here is a schematic example. we can remember things better if we link an image to what we have read.

conscious vs subconscious example
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