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Today I read this phrase in a marketing sheet:

“Many people work hard…
…the successful ones are the ones who work intelligently.”

I phrased it earlier (in the The productivity trap) this way:

“WHAT to do and HOW to do is more important than the amount of things you achieve.”

Or again in other words:

It is not enough to work hard, it is important to work on the right thing in a good way.

An old phrase also says: “Switch on your brain before you do something.

In the last weeks I have seen pretty good examples where people worked hard on solutions where the goal could have been achieved better and easier by thinking simpler and different.

Another phrase says: “It’s lonely in the saddle since the horse died.

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  1. I want to say one thing “sher din me bis ghante sota hai, ager mehnat safalta ki junji hoti to gadhe jangel ke raja hote.”

  2. sir,
    how to do think intelligecies and how to achieve our goal.

    plz tell me…………

    thanking you……

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