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IRB – My targets 265 – 270

IRB Infrastructure Developers


IRB 245-247-250, YOUR STOPLOSS 244 & Targets 255 & 259 and Short Term 265-280

(Must be close 251 above…for short term targets)

Yes… My Subscribers also given this call…to buy @ 248 above in Morning..


Report of MCX Natural Gas – Futures

print money

Natural gas futures immediately can’t grab a break. Most of commodity markets are trending higher but natural gas prices continue to fall into bloodbath. I said you in my report on 7th October 2010. “Only and only with any luck we could get an up rally in natural gas. There is no reason to buy it.” I alerted you and said big blizzard is started in market with Natural gas.

MCX Natural gas chartDo you know? Supplies of natural gas continue to rise plus the Energy Department predicts they will be at the second highest level ever to start the heating season. Natural gas futures closed at $3.333 on Friday, down 0.035. Prices bottomed last September around $2.63, so there could be some value below the $3 level. We can’t able to decide bottom of natural gas. Don’t do overbought trade with NG but don’t think, Close your eyes and continue to short it. There is no bottom level.

Now you have license to print money.

My new targets for Natural gas are 135 – 126.

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NCDEX Pepper, Rape Mustard seed & Chana Trading Tips

NCDEX Pepper (Last close 19689):

NCDEX Pepper

Pepper support for short term trader 19614 and my target is 19800.


NCDEX Rape Mustard seed(Last close 559.85):

NCDEX Rape Mustard seed

Who want to earn huge money and without risk?

You? Ok, than bought it @ opening bell and forget.

My targets are 564 – 571.


NCDEX Chana (Last close 2423):


Chane khao – Mast ho jao.

We’re horse of commodity market.

Who want to go with me for long riding?

Try to munch chana above 2412.

My targets is 2442 – 2453


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MCX Kapas, Zinc, Aluminium, Chanadel for Oct 25, 2010

MCX Kapas Cotton

MCX Kapas (Last Close 740.80):

Yes, my subscribers bought @ 728.

My last target is 746.

If Kapas open 740 above than intraday trader for from this level 740 buy and forget.

Set profit level 743-746.

Don’t think below 237 for long…!


MCX Zinc (Last Close 112.05):

MCX Zinc

Are you ready for play risk free game…?

Buy zinc @ 112 and get profit near @ 113 – 113.5.

Red light below triple one (111)



MCX Aluminium(Last Close 104.5):

MCX Aluminium

I think there is some profit and some risk in this.

If aluminium wait at 104.4 then don’t think, just buy it. Targets 105 – 105.5 (Stoploss – 104)




MCX Chanadel (Last close 2342):

MCX Chanadel

Watch : 2344 above

Crossover it… Grab for targets 2351

After 2351 and touching 2365… then 2378 for positional in 2-3 days


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S&P 500 look strong and corelation with nifty

s&p 500

S&P 500

(Not closing below 1185)

If closing below it… create problem…

Over All Trend up

Short Term: Strong up Trend

I think… rally can be up to 1200-1220 soon

If closing 1184 above… then more rally 1225-1237

(Good co-relation with Nifty)

Suppose … happen it… Nifty can move 5280-5350-5400 soon


Dow Jones

Think to Start blood from 11200—11300 (Strong Resistance)

Non-Stop fall 10880/10696/10550

Major Support 11000 if close below it… ready to see non-stop fall…