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Guesstimate : Reliance


Last closed: 1040

Watch hurdle: 1053

(Once crossover and stay for 5min. 1064-1068 and closed then…positional up trend start again 1100-1122)

Below 1054: Bears controlled so Targets 1027-1020

In the Coming Days… Tickets for buying BAJAJ-AUTO, GVKPIL, NTPC etc

Report of Gold, Silver and Aluminium


It’s hot favorite item. Gold is the most impressionable and flexible of all metals, but gold is saying something else in this week. Do you know what?

Make eye on Gold support at level: 19800 – Very sharply

If gold break my support than gold will walk madly. It can walk very sharply around 19761 – 19680 in 3-4days. I’m watching gold last target 19600.

Don’t forget my support…


Silver is a very flexible and soft (a little harder than gold). I’m watching it’s last target level 37160.

Monday, for short term trader support levels – 36108 and long term trader for Red Light 35800.

If breaks and close around 35800 will take to 35300-35068.


Aluminium is a soft, strong, lightweight, ductile and malleable metal.

Make eye on it’s support level at 104-104.5.

Target: 106-107.5-108.5

Remember: Aluminium break 102 than it’ll start new blood rain.

More report of crude oil, lead, zinc, copper, soybean, etc.. are update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…

StocksGuesstimate for 18-10-2010

(Crossover and stay above 5min. and Just see Panic 266-268)

3-Consecutive Days close 264 above… then PANIC 270 intraday and 277/281

Short Term Trend: Down

(Trend will change soon)

Below 261, it may take 254-250 and 246 also…

Not Counting Opinion of anyone. The market will do what it will happen…We follows levels and don’t take Worry

2-3 Consecutive days, closing below 1582 … then it will take intraday 1564-1569

Short Term Targets 1552-1548 and 1526-1536

I’ll update due to market hrs


Once Breaks 367… then PANIC 362-358 Intraday

If trade below 362 ends of trading days… think for future sell & sell for targets 356-359

I’ll update more for subscriber…


Sell & Sell Opening Bell: 134 – 135

(Your Stoploss 135.5)

Once breaks 132… Stay 5min… Then PANIC will take 128-130 soon

Closing Bell: Just, turn your eye of Future (JP) end of secession… 132 closing… sell future 1lot for targets 127-131 (2-3 days)

(Profitable traders know the exit is always more important than the entry)

As per above lines, Buy & Buy for 2-3 Days of Trading for 142-145 if close above 135 & cross 136 for targets of PANIC 138-139 Intraday

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…

Guesstimate: GVK PIL (12-10-2010)



Range for buy: 45.8 – 46

(Grab & Forget, Must be close above 46.2)


Intraday 46.9-47.2

Short Terms 48-49 and 52-53


Suppose to breaks 45.6 and so, think to Exit… Step by Step…

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…

UPDATE: MCX Lead – What to do?

16 days back (September 28, 2010), what I said?

Lead will touch 105.5 with nonstop rally.

What happen?

Did you see it or miss it?

My lead call is  blasted and all target achieved.

Today is profit booking time and enjoy!!!

OK now, what to expect from this level?

Really, want to know? Subscribe our service and get update.

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hours…