You will never earn Money in Stock Market if you

You are entering a position out of EMOTIONS or ANTICIPATION at wrong price level in a WRONG scrip with GREED or HOPE with no pre-entry exit in the place – even worst, once in a trade, riding the position with HOPE without STOP LOSS even if it goes against the entry – adding more to average down in the entirely wrong trade – at last running out PATIENCE and out of FRUSTRATION booking huge LOSS.

Even the position is in PROFIT there is no STOP LOSS or pre-entry EXIT in place – exiting the position abruptly in FEAR booking just a small profit with FEAR that market may take this small profit too – these random small profits unable to compensate earlier big losses!

To cover big losses you try more and more RANDOM trades and above process continues – end result it challenges your EGO and creates more FEAR, more AGONY – cycle continues with small profits and big losses – until account is wiped off.

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  1. Sure GUru ji,

    The only source of knowledge is experience..”.. You are very right in the above article. Lack of right wisdom often doom investors and traders.

    You have beautifully covered all areas. Great ….

  2. Dear Guru, you are absloutly right i almost lost all my money.i am interdaytraders this is my sole business from here i earnmy daily bread and butter.please helpme by giveing goods tips so i can stand up again. pls…..pls…..pls help me iam frustrated, i have no other business to do.this is the only business i can do. i do online trading from home. iam wait ing for your reply. thanking you, your’s Zia Rahman.

  3. Sir,

    You are sayings are absolutely worthy regarding this stock market…FEAR & GREED perfect words for anyone trading on the market.. You clearly mentioned on those…so i follow your levels only ….thanks for making me trading in right direction and cutting out my losses

  4. Its a Great message .. you have said a Truth .. One has to control emotions and take rock solid decisions and execute it under any circumstances .. Your Call are Great … I wonder what tech analysis gives u this results .. I came across one system called as 3 in 1 bar pattern which indicates start of trend .. have u come across one …

  5. you are absolutely right sir. to Trade in stock marker descipline is must. Before investing we must have target, Stop loss and once invested we have to follow them strictly no mattar how much ever profit it gives after crossing the target. 4 years back i did trading without knowing all these, but lost about 4 lacs rupees. in Feb 2011, i took some classes and understood the importance of the above and started trading accordingly. believe me, i made money even this week also when there was a bloodbath in the marker. secret is descipline.

  6. Guru,
    You have said it in very correct & proper manner. In fact this has happened with me 3-4 times. I am new trader, this exactly what has happened with me recently.

  7. u r correct…I have lost lot of money in same way as u have written in ur above paragraphs ……..

  8. Hi ,

    This is very much right …. but once you start losing money ..u dont stop ….

    Is there a solution to this ….

  9. sahi baat hai per kya kare? koi solution bataye to you are right… baki aise good good to sub likh dete hai…:D give right solution absolutely FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE will YOU?????????????

  10. Dear Guruji, Regarding stock market all the above statements are absolutely correct.I am expecting more call options tips from you GURUJI.THANKS A LOT.

  11. meri poori kahani on one article kya baat hai guru bhai…
    please also tell the solution to overcome these problem.. .

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