Seeking carefully and thoroughly on EICHERMOT.

EICHERMOT. can give you DOUBLE & TRIPLE return if your entry is at bottom OR require to maintain average price of entry near the bottom. We have found the supports in two steps as mentioned in chart.

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Option 24000 Dec call


NF for 7th Dec 2018 (support)

We have booked profit on 10900 PUT of NIFTY. Now we have found the support in chart.


There are also chance to break down this support and give us free-fall so, be careful… We will update for SUBSCRIBERS and if time permit. I ll update here also for FREE.


NF opened -ve and holding 10900 PUT will book…

Keep your eye on SUNPHARMA future stock and we are holding our PUT Of 10900 PUT which given to subscribers. We have found a lot of emails and message for that PUT.


This update is only for who are holding 10900 PUT of NF dec. best way to book profit in this gap down opening.

Intraday Support for NF 10709 and 10722 where we can see buyers attack with volume for 60-95 pnts up move.


Subscribers: will active this OR need patience?

Yesterday, We given to Subscribers to SELL ADANIPOWER FUTURE. . .

We are nice opportunity for traders on SUNPHARMA, here is little researched on chart will help you trade.

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Active Call Option : Call 440 Dec (CMP 18)

SUNPHARMA Future : 430

Detected only one -ve sign is against current trend of market.




Nifty future predicted for 5th dec 2018 intraday

In the yesterday updated, NF has resistance 10944 and support 10884. You know what happened…!


For the intraday, Break Up 10980 level can boost NF 70pts and support 10870. Suppose to break this level with volume, NF can fall more and more. In the chart you can see, NF price increasing and volume falling which is -ve sign for long up move. Very soon we will face resistance. and NF will start to follow projected formation.


Nifty view for BJT or NOT BJP with intraday trade.

Overview for NF on Fundamentally basis, if BJP for 2019 election, Nifty can move to 15150-15878. Other scenario would be on loss for the BJP. Nifty can be highly volatile and nifty can be see 7900-8600.

We’ll find soon exact direct and level soon with chart.

Yesterday, We have written that NF is weak and can fall more… you know what happened today!


Look at the chart, there’re more things happened.

  1. Engulfing Candle-stick (Bearish single).
  2. Last hours seen selling over the NF.
  3. Support 10466 (which can perform nicely)
  4. below this support NF can fall much and more.

Selling will be continue below this 10566 level, and we will also keep selling below this.