Report of NIFTY with daily chart and intraday chart.

The spot nifty is following channel of 15 minutes chart.

Reference of timeCycle(i), We have projected timeCycle(ii) for the target (4rth wave) at 11280 expected 20th AUG 2019.

The control price also can gravitate the price toward 11280, if this 3rd wave is clear.

Worry for long traders 10923 below. Suppose to break this level will create heavy short position.

An excess(iii) has been found value high, therefore expected excess(iv) at value low which is still not created. As per this statement, the Fall is still left.

Who will start short selling on Asian Paints?

On the “Asian Paints”, we have seen buyers and spike up but now this stock is trading at “EXCESS”. The excess area is high probability to act buy or sell. In this case, this stock is created an excess at value high which means we can start selling. Another sign and a good thing for selling is TAIL found on the top.

  • The price is trading at Value high.
  • Created TAIL on the top of the channel area.
  • Already seen buyers as FII, Smart Money, Fund-Managers etc. whatever you call them.

Conclusion: We are going to see PROFIT booking on this stock.

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Target of BANKNIFTY using channel.

After the long TIME, we are going to update BANKNIFTY for you FREE.

Target for BANKNIFTY 28309 and support from channel 27736. If we are moving toward the target, BANKNIFTY will not test support.

Update on 16th AUG. 2019 (time 11:00 AM))

Support has been taken by BANKNIFTY with low of 27722 and Our support was given at 27736.

NIFTY channel on 15min chart for buy sign.

We have enjoyed last more than 150 points on NIFTY AUG. CLICK HERE TO check.

Channel support 10996 and “control price” support at 11069.

Target is 11264 as per daily chart of gravitation.

What should be entry point?

Trade 1: BUY aug NIFTY future. 11015 nearby with stopl loss of 10975 below and targets 11140-11167 and 11222-11300.

Trade 2: BUY NIFTY AUG. 11000 below with stop loss 10975 below and target 11100-11165 and 11222

There are also support for banknifty.

Investors eye is ready to invest money, NIFTY.

Nifty trading in the middle of the channel.

  • The channel, “Gravitating Price” which is from (1) to (7) is a magnetic price toward it.
  • There’re 3 excesses already display in the chart.

In respect of excess(iii), Nifty will create excess (iv) presented which is the expected range of 10811 to 10600.

This range of excess(iv) will strongly attract Investors to buy. Caused by breakdown strategy, buying zone is already started in nifty.

For the target of pullback using Fib. Retracement, 38.2% is at 11088 and final target 11316(gravitating value) nearby of 68.8%.

We bought NIFTY future AUG. and waiting for target 11088-11100 and last 11188


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Nifty trading in middle of channel.

In last update, We have exited from LONG position at 11111 in AUG future. It was upto 150 points profit.

Channel is tight, and there is no any new until 7th AUG 2019.

Resistance 10916 nearby if first and Support is 10748 nearby if first it.