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Trade-Setups on Maruti Short Target 6639 and 6483

How to find the next wave after the development of extended waves?

Two terms are important to understand for this Sample.

  • Extended Wave – The biggest wave of three impulsive waves (W1, W3, or W5) for the motive phase. In this, we expect gaps, surged, sharp moves in it.
  • Difference between points – A wave has two points, the starting and ending point. The distance between them is the difference between those points. For example, Wave 1 traveled from Rs. 30 points to Rs. 45 point. As a result, the difference between 45- 30 points is “15”.

The formula that we will use to find the 5th wave:

Difference of, 5th Wave = 3rd wave Extended – 1st Wave Read more

Nifty price traveling towards the 5th W. for target 11900 & …

Normally I don’t prefer to trade with a heavy position at 5th wave especially, whenever the 3rd wave is extended. In this case, we’re moving toward forming the 5th Wave.

I have already predicted 5wave of A, B, and C by using future expected retracement.

Nifty Trading view for this week.

Short Term View for NIFTY:
3 control working her excellet. After breakout the cannel will create new trend.

As per weekly breakdown strategy of the channel, Bottom is out base on timeCycle and value low.

Control Price (c) is going to price attraction which higher from current price.

I will update shortly NIFTY trade for SUBSCRIBER.

Fib Retracement.

Important of 50%(9387) Fib. Retracement at “a” and “b”, which mean start and end point of fib is perfect.

Pull-back retracement is at 8661 nearby which is easy at 61.8%.

nifty is going to open more than 200+.

nifty is going to open more than 200+. At opening (b) control price can react as resistance, otherwise, the next resistance at (a) controlled is too far at 9414 nearby.

There’s more chance to get a fall on nifty .

As per the time cycle nearby date 20 April, we may see nifty 8800 below.

Where is the Bottom of the SBIN? – (daily & weekly)

  • correction wave -106 (100%)
  • impulsive wave -177(in contiuating)

–> LH and LL are confirmed after the impulsive waves. After completing the impulsive wave, the correction wave will start for first target 211 – 230 and 244-258 shortly. Impulsive wave more than 70% extended than correction wave which is great for next correction wave.



Fair value with the parallel channel ,

  • an excess
  • gravitation line will attract the price shortly

A project of for a reversal but till not confirmed.