Zinc Trading Strategy & Tips with Hourly Chart

free commodity zinc tips chart

As per the above chart, the parallel channel’s uptrend line can use as a stop loss.

Hurdle: 162.6

Based on the current trend:
Uptrend targets: 165 – 170+

Based on Fib. Retracement:
Downtrend targets: 158.2 – 152.2 – 149.2

Accurate entry-level, targets, and stop-loss will update for the premium members only by Moneymunch’s mobile app.

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MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, & Zinc Tips & Updates

Gold, Silver, and Crude oil Tips & Updates

The gold is still trying to stay in the box. Check out my 8 Dec newsletter: ‘Tips & Charts: Gold, Silver, & Crude oil Special Report

But the silver is under my radar now. A big blast is coming soon.

And if you’re looking for crude oil, read that same newsletter. It’s also following the 8 Dec chart direction.

In short, gold, silver, and crude oil short-term & long-term trading calls & reports are available in the above link.

commodity zinc tips chart




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Live Tips: Zinc Price Begins To Move Lower?

free zinc chart tips

Zinc is making a Descending Triangle Pattern in the 15M chart. A breakout could fall the price up to the base range.

Rules: A complete breakout required. Beware the fake-out candle.

WARNING: Don’t make a trade above the Lower Horizontal Trendline (Support).

Accurate entry-level, stop loss, and targets are available for the premium subscribers only.

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MCX Trading Alerts: All Eyes On Zinc

Everyone keeping eyes on Bullion & Energy sector commodities. Traders are missing the best trading opportunity in MCX Zinc.

zinc tips charts

Intraday/positional traders: The tail will drag up to 182 to 180.
Don’t mess after the hurdle breakout.

I will not reveal the accurate entry-level here. It’s available below for the premium subscribers only.

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MCX Trading Alerts: Silver, Natural gas & Zinc

Is Now The Right Time To Invest In Silver?

silver tipsDid you read our last silver alerts? If not, click here. We had written there, “Keep note silver support level is 37200 price”. After touching our support level, It took the U-turn.

But this is not an assured confirmation for the uptrend. Yes! A downtrend can be confirmed if silver breakout the support level and close below it consecutively.

And this downfall can drag down the silver’s price up to 36600 – 36200 – 36000 – 35800 levels.

Note: a sideways trend will continue between 38000 and 37200 range. An Uptrend will confirm after breakout, 38000 level. Don’t think much about downtrend. It’s time to focus on Intraday trading.

natural gas tips

Should we keep selling Natural gas?

Yes! But after 182.6 level. Complete breakout will require.
Targets: 178 – 172 – 166

free commodity mcx zinc intraday tips

Important note for Zinc traders

As per the last Zinc forecasts, it has touched all levels. It’s very close to the all-time high (232.7 level). Short-term/long-term investors must wait now. This week, we might see above the 230 level with sideways movements.

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