NIFTY Trend Analysis For Swing & Intraday Traders

NSE NIFTY – Swing Setup For Premium Subscribers

Nifty has been acting like a speculative script.

  • [06 October] – Opens upward and closes downward.
  • [07 October] – Opens downward and closes upward
  • [10 October] – Opens downward and closes upward

Swing/positional are worried about their position and new entries because they are scared to hold their position as the price is moving sideways. They should watch the range of 17500 – 17000. Trending move comes from sideways, and traders should only expect trending moves if the price breaks any of these levels.Continue reading

NSE NIFTY & DALBHARAT: Tips & Analysis

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Will NIFTY continue its bearish momentum?

NSE NIFTY was looking weak in the daily timeframe chart. It was preparing for a retracement to confirm its trend. SGX was also giving a bearish signal.

9:15 AM: Nifty opened at 17149 and made a low of 17064. It touched our final level of 17075.

Everything happened as expected. Further information is available for premium subscribers only.

What do you think about NSE DALBHARAT?

It was a sure-shot setup of DALBHATAT. The first target got hit in just 4 minutes.

I had mentioned clearly,” Traders must wait for the break out of the range 1520 – 1540. If the price sustains below 1520, traders can sell for the following targets: 1507 – 1490 – 1481.”


  • 9:15 AM: Price opened at 1504 and made a high of 1520.
  • 9:16 AM: Price was above 1520 and started falling below 1518. It was a good entry point.
  • 9:17 AM: Price Made a low of 1512.
  • 9:18 AM: Price reached our first target of 1507 and made a low of 1504.

I will update further information soon.

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