Commodity MCX Gold, Lead, Cardamom & NCDEX Turmeric, Dhaniya

MCX Gold Tips

This time to remember 23rd Nov 2011…
What I said on this day?
I said, “100% Guarantee Gold will touch 28917 – 29070 and For Long Term 29328+
My Short-Term Targets 28917 – 29070 achieved yesterday…

Enjoy all of you!

What you expect now…?
Gold will touch 29328+ OR NOT?
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mcx lead calls

In 1 or 2 sessions MCX Lead will change it direction
You want to invest for Long Term then go with Lead… Yes, but remember if lead will close below 101 then it can go into bloodbath
but right-now I’m watching U-Turn
Short Term Targets: 105 – 106 – 107.1
Long Term Target: 108

ncdex turmeric calls

Yesterday as I expected about Turmeric – All targets blasted
Now what to do in it?
Today, I’m expecting three more targets into Turmeric
Targets: 4456 – 4416 – 4367

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I write about MCX Gold, Cardamom and NCDEX Dhaniya below
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Commodity: MCX Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead Tips

gold silver mcx tips

Gold made all-time high as I expect… So many times I said, Bullion sector is bullish. Now what to do with MCX Gold & Silver? As yesterday I told about Silver to my subscribers, “It’s going UP!” Today I will write for Long Term Traders. Intraday Levels for subscribers only. This chitchat is enough for smart traders. Let’s go on Silver & Gold.

Gold for Resistance 22720. Short term traders for support level is 22895. Yes, exact time with exact level for subscribers. Targets: 23147 – 23234 & Intraday Traders for Stoploss 22824. MCX Silver for opportunity is Opening bell. Targets: 58238 – 58676+ and Long Term Traders for Targets: 59700 – 60000+

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Commodity Calls: MCX Gold Silver Natural Gas Lead

mcx silver tips

Expecting unexpected rally in Bullion sector
Silver started to walk again, if crossovers 56270 than Buy & Forget
It’ll make high 56629 – 56977

MCX Natural gas tips

You want to munch only money?
Just take natural gas at Opening bell
Targets: 207 – 205.5

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Commodity Tips: MCX Gold, Silver & Lead

media comedian

Yesterday, as expected silver made ride. I had written so many times – Gold trend is bullish bullish bullish. Yesterday and two day back as I expected Gold made ride and closed in positive. Our subscribers are minting money daily. Yesterday I had written to my subscribers – SELL LEAD JUN @ 110 TARGETS: 108.5 – 107.5 – 107 STOPLOSS 111 [DON’T EXIT WITHOUT OUR SMS]. And Lead jun made low 107.75 & booked profit @ 108.

What you expect Monday about MCX/NCDEX?
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MCX & NCDEX : Gold, Silver, Cocudakl, Copper, Potato & Lead Tips

Remember: I had written about crude oil yesterday. Exactly crude oil will touch my level after you’ll see new buyers door there. I’ll catch you at targets level now

Yesterday I said, don’t trade on Silver & Gold, it’s very unpredictable. Same thing for today silver & gold


I received many email for view of COCUDAKL

I want to say, why need to BUY it without reason?

Down Jump over back after 989.5 level

Play one simple game with Cotton Seed

“SELL at High – Buy it Low – Wait for High”


101% Hot commodity

Yes, yesterday my subscribers enjoyed…!

Now your turn to play with it

Potato is good for health but not much…!

Sell it below 648 and set profit level 645 – 642

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MCX Gold, silver, aluminium, cpo, mentha oil, copper, lead & zinc tips

mcx gold girl

Gold (Last close 20134)

“Gold traders said many gold jewelers were maintaining below average gold inventory as they considered current gold prices too high.” People thought gold prices will also fall the way silver price has dropped, but that has not happened so far

Gold is the most malleable and ductile of all metals. Actually we want to think, nowadays what to do with gold?

Past 4 sessions to gold price going down day by day very sharply. At 11th November 2010, I said you to SELL Gold. It’ll touch 20094 – 20000 soon and Gold was kissed my targets 11/12/2010.

If gold crash and touch 20000 levels then I’m expecting intraday panic slide upto 19928 – 19853 level!

If gold will not touch 20000 then what you expect?

Then there after gold will touch 20181 – 20254 – 20293

mcx silver world

Silver (Last close 39411)

Just as the exchanges forced higher margins on silver last week, margins were also increased on sugar darling.  The exchanges do this for the reason that risk increases with volatility, so they would like more funds to safe positions.Of course, has a harmful result on the commodity price.   We saw silver take a fall in price this week and the same thing happened to sugar and gold.

China was also a problem in the shift lower for many commodities today.  There is panic once again that they will raise interest rates to battle inflation.  This would show the way to less demand for commodities and that could take the wind out of the sails for the commodity markets.  Monday could be an interesting day.

I’m watching interesting thing in silver. If silver will not break 39003 at Monday then we’ll see silver at 40000 – 40300 soon. 11/11/2010, I said to my subscribers If silver touch 39584 then problem for Bull. Yes, then it can go in bloodbath with expected level 38600 to nonstop slide upto 37000 – 37640

mcx aluminium wire

Aluminium (Last close 107.5)

Above the 107 – 107.5 level open then buy it without any worry

Set stoploss level – 106.5 for maximum profit.

I’m watching hot targets 108 – 108.5 for short term traders

mcx cpo

CPO(Last Close 485.5)

Watching very hot with good profit for intraday traders

CPO was going down from last 2 days.

If CPO will break the last low then what to do with it?


Sell it around 483

Targets for MCX CPO 476 – 475

mcx mentha oil

Mentha Oil (Last close 1194.1)

Unexpected money in Mentha Oil for Intraday and Short Term traders

Buy at Opening bell and forget

Sky rocket targets are 1211

If touch 1211 and freeze for 5min then Buy again for short term traders unexpected profit will see you at next day…

Last profit station around 1225

Exact time and exact level – subscribers only

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