NEW UPDATE: MCX Gold, Silver, Lead, Zinc and NCDEX Soy oil

mcx gold calls

In between 3 trading sessions, it’ll start to fall for few days and behave like consolidate. As I said on my past newsletter about Gold, “Once Gold will cross and close above 30307 then you can buy it without worry with targets: 30500 – 30700 – 31000. Don’t sell MCX Gold without advice.


NCDEX Soy Oil Tips

I don’t believe it’ll run more upward but I’m sure it’ll hit two times 767 level if once open with green-light. Intraday traders can play with it and short term-long term traders don’t make ride with NCDEX Soy oil.

I write below about Zinc, Lead…. You want to know more about MCX?

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UPDATE: MCX Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper & NCDEX Steel Long, Dhaniya, Cardamom – ALL TARGETS DONE!

mcx gold silver tips

From last 2-3 days I’m getting lots of emails and phone calls but i’m not able to give answer to everyone because I’m very sick. Today I feel good. Anyway, my all fans I have good news for you. Yesterday my all MCX Silver targets touched. Click here to read what I had written on 15th May about Silver and Click here to see what I had written at 11th May about Silver. On 11th May to 15th May between two times I said everyone MCX Gold and Silver will crush.
Anyway, my all Targets kissed
Enjoy everyone!
I want to say my subscribers, “Go & Book Profit today!”
My all subscribers sold silver two times few days back and yesterday.

On 15th my I had written about Gold also and said to sell when it was run around 28205 and my targets was 28139 – 28116 – 28058
My All Gold Targets Touched!

mcx lead tips

What I said about Lead on 15th may?
Click here to read it
Small Traders for you good opportunity in Lead. Go and Sell without question. Targets: 109.1 – 108.6
My Lead All Targets Kissed!
Note: I said to everyone on 15th may’s newsletter. Copper will go down more and it happened.

steel long ncdex tip

NCDEX Players, “What I said about NCDEX Steel Long?”
Click Here to see it
I told you, “Go and sell NCDEX Steel Long. Targets: 33232 – 33117”
gif gun
Yesterday steel long all targets touched!
Enjoy everyone!
Note: I had also written about Cardamom and Dhaniya. Both are on the way to touch our targets. I’ll update soon about it.

Today I’ll write again about Gold and Silver at 11 O’clock but for my subscribers only!

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NEW UPDATE: MCX Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper & NCDEX Cardamom, Steel Long, Dhaniya

mcx silver tips

What I said about Silver outlook?
First, click here and read it again
As I said, silver had broken my hurdle 54321 and moving downwards. Now you’ll see big bloodbath and Short Term buyers will cry and Sellers enjoy every moment.
Who you are? Decide yourself because I said everyone before start crushing silver. Now you’ll see silver at 53271 – 52732 – 51673

mcx gold calls

Gold is looking bit upset. I think it’ll close today downside. Thus, we should to sell it.
Targets: 28139 – 28116 – 28058

mcx lead calls

MCX Small Traders for good opportunity in Lead. Go and Sell it without question. Targets: 109.1 – 108.6
Free users for stoploss yesterday high!

mcx copper tips

What you say about MCX Copper?
Today it’ll go down side huh?
Me too but Targets – Stoploss – Entry level?
Sorry but I’ll say it to my subscribers only!

cardamom mcx ncdex calls

Cardamom looking upside and it’ll touch 1400 – 1500 very soon…
Today what to do?
Go & Buy cardamom @ opening bell
Targets: 1400 – 1444 – 1500

steel long ncdex tips

Lets street to the point directly, Go and Sell NCDEX Steel Long
Targets: 33232 – 33117

Dhaniya ncdex tip

Close your eyes and Sell NCDEX Dhaniya without worry!
Targets: 3492 – 3464

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New Update: MCX Gold, Lead, Copper and NCDEX Jeera, Soy Oil, chili..

mcx gold calls

I had written about Gold and said it’ll go down and bla-bla-bla… are you remember my stoploss 27886? That day, Gold open @ 27850 and in  just a few sec. opening bell after it made high 27886. Who can play if gold will make behave like this? Nowadays Gold is very volatile. Don’t work on it. On 21st March, I said to my even subscribersDon’t trade in Commodity Market. It’s looking very volatile. Don’t work without our SMS in any commodities.

mcx lead calls

I don’t understand what people are doing with their money
Just go with lead without worry
Targets: 101.5 – 100.8
Stoploss yesterday high for free users!

alert-warning  Note: I’ll update soon about Copper for subscribers only. I’m looking short term top of copper 440+. More information for subscribers only!

NCDEX Jeera, chili and Soy oil: Down Trend. More information for subscribers by SMS!

You want to know?

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Nickel, Lead, Copper & Crude Oil Tips

mcx ncdex crude oil tips

On 13th Feb what I had written about Crude Oil?
I said, “you all keep your eyes on 4936 level …crucial crossovers with volumes then.. crude oil will zoom to kiss 4958 – 4979”
Two Days back my all targets achieved
This is my small gift to everyone on valentine!
Everyday munch money with

mcx copper calls

What I had written about MCX Copper on 13th Feb?
I told you, “It’ll make ride downside in between 2 trading session after all it’s looking upwards.”
Did you see it OR not?
13 and 14 Copper made ride DOWNWARDS
As I said fired!
What you expect more from me?

mcx nickel signals

What I said about Nickel on 13th Feb?
I said, “Once MCX Nickel close or crossovers Hurdle 1025 then it’ll touch 1020-1016 below”
As I expected nickel all targets blasted

ncex guar seed & guargum tips

You should to know what I said about it and If you don’t remember then click below:
I had written GuarGum targets 44073 – 44865 – 45400+
I had written GuarSeed targets 13685 – 13895 – 14111 – 14441+
My each and every target blasted!

ncdex turmeric TIPs

On 13th Feb I written about Turmeric: CLICK HERE TO SEE IT
I said, “Once open up side then you’ll see unexpected rally with Targets: 5326 – 5353”
On 13th Feb my all targets achieved!
Enjoy every day with us!
Note: On 13th Feb I had also written about Kapas and it stop loss touched.

Now I’m going to write about MCX Crude oil, Copper, Nickel and Lead
You want to read about it?
Only Subscribers Can See It!

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Crude oil, Copper, Kapas, Nickel, Lead, GuarGum, GuarSeed & Turmeric

mcx crude oil tips

On last trading session crude oil closed up side
I think it’ll continue close up side in next 2 trading session
Today you all keep your eyes on 4936 level ….crucial crossovers with volumes then?
Crude oil will zoom to kiss 4958 – 4979
On Crude oil trading is sideway thus keep your eyes on opening bell
Free users for stop loss last low!

mcx kapas tips

Looking very Hot!
Traders, just watch 895 level
Your stop loss will be 892
Targets: 901 – 904.5

mcx copper tips

Copper as I expected fired.
Today it’ll try to take U-Turn
Yes, it’ll make ride downside in between 2 trading session after all it’s looking upwards
More information about Copper for subscribers only!

mcx nickel calls

Nickel Hurdle is 1025
Once it’ll go down to hurdle then No-one can stop it
It’ll move continue downwards and make low 1020 – 1016 below…
But… I LOVE Nickel
If it’ll not close below to my hurdle then I’m watching big rally on Nickel with non-stop targets: 1040 – 1051 – 1063 – 1068+

mcx lead tips

110% Looking very Hot!
I’ll write about Lead for my subscribers only!

ncex guar seed & guar gum tips

110% Hot Commodities!
We see Nonstop Rally upto 13685 – 13895 – 14111 – 14441+ in NCDEX GuarSeed
In GuarGum you will see Rally upto 44073 – 44865 – 45400+ in 2 hours only!
Remember, opening bell should be up side

ncdex turmeric free tips

On last trading session Turmeric made good high
Today once open up side then you’ll see unexpected rally
Targets: 5326 – 5353

Commodity Valentine Offer: 15,500 for 1 Year and 11,500 for 3 Month!

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