FULL VIEW: Commodity Guesstimates [03-11-2010]: MCX Crude oil, Natural Gas, Kapas, Popato

MCX Crude Oil (Last Close – 3737)

mcx crude oil

Yes, yesterday my subscribers bought @ 3705

And I said to make 1st intraday profit level @ 3745

For today my first intraday profit level is your support.

Watch carefully 3745 and BUY BUY BUY

I said my subscribers to make profit level – 3800

Do you want it? Then follow me… 101% profit guarantee


MCX Natural Gas (Last Close – 172.40)

natural gas

Watch very carefully level 171.50

If Natural Gas touch 171.50

HOLD FOR 10 MIN. After jump down side 171 then SELL SELL SELL

Close your eyes and sell it.

My targets is 168 – 165


MCX Potato and Kapas – Only subscribers can see.

MCX POTATO (Last Close – 615.60)

If Potato opens around the last close price

@ opening bell and touch 614.8 then SELL SELL SELL

Yes, my intraday targets is Rs. 606


MCX KAPAS (Last Close – 734.10)

mcx kapas

Buy kapas @ opening bell without anything worry.

Targets is 737 (Intraday Traders) – 739.5 (Short Term Traders)


KAPAS and POTATO both target hit…


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Password Protected: Crude Oil watching hot… (Time: 10:14 AM)

mcx crude oil


I’m watching very hot crude oil

Buy crude oil above 3705 and Targets 3745

If crude oil touches 3690 and freezes five 10min… It’s safe for hold more. If crude oil go below 3690 than exit from it.

Make big money with small risk…


1st Target blast 3745

Yes, my subscribers know, what to do after 1st target…

Crude Oil watching hot…

mcx crude oil


MCX Crude Oil: Target achieved Rs.3664

Do you know that I said at morning to buy Crude Oil around 3630 and it open @ 3634

Crude oil achieved my intraday target Rs. 3664

Did you see it or miss it?

My last target is 3700

What you expect?

Yes, my subscribers know what to do now…


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Guesstimate 01/11/2010: MCX Lead, GoldGuinea and Crudeoil

Small risk – Big profit
If crudeoil cross open around 3630 then buy it
Intraday traders enjoy and make profit level
For short term traders book profit @ 3672 – 3700 (Stoploss 3597).


You want one Rs.1 in your pocket without risk?
Intraday traders watch level 110 carefully. Just buy there then sell it above triple one (111-111.5).


You want to play big game in commodity market?
Watch very carefully level 15762.
If goldguinea crossover 15800… I watch it @ 16000.
Don’t forget my stoploss time for intraday traders – 15649


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