Banknifty Footprint will guide exact trade entry

These call were given to our paid subscriber  the target was achieved:

SHORT INDIGO fut 1514-1522 and stop-loss 1530 and targets 1464-1414

Yesterday target achieved…
BUY CADILAHC intraday cash 273.5-271 and stop-loss will be 270 below and 286-294 intraday if close above 285.. then hold it 301-314

  • There are two excess found above the Value High. 
  • 3-price rotation, on the value area. 
  • Above the control price, there are not trading activities detected. 
  • Last closed price is at control price. 

Conclusion, Buyers always look at excess 28429 of value low and sellers attraction should be at excess 29316 of value high.

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BANKNIFTY Don’t overlook the BLUE channel, which is still active.

Yesterday great for PAID subscribers, We sent many calls since 15 days. All  subscreibers are enjoying it, BUY NIFTY and SELL also, AXISBANK bought, AUROPHARMA intraday sold, BANKNIFTY perfect and point to ponit prediction, ACC, BHARTI AIRLET intraday bought, ZEEL future, TCS, ESCORTS etc..

All are achieved targets and SUBSCRIBERS enjoyed all follow up.

Now here is BankNIFTY spot update for trend identification.


The Gravitate price is being played such as magnet which has a yellow color with a number (0) to (8). If you see it closely from left (0) to (8).

We have seen selling and profit booking with high of 30058 which is also written by me. Price is going to hit at “blue-channel-line” which is the point at 29387.

I have written yesterday: Don’t overlook the BLUE channel, which is still active. Therefore, the blue support line pushes Banknifty price to upside 29387 nearby.

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to see more about yesterday what I said.

  • Formed bearish candle which resembles a ‘Dark Cloud Cover’ on the daily chart .
  • The important event of next month.

Below conclusion is from the daily chart:
If weekly close makes slightly higher than today price the continuation of the trend is possible till 32500
any reversal on daily one can look for a fresh entry for the next move up.

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SPOT BANKNIFTY has still target 30000, not believing for continue.

This call was given to our PAID SUBSCRIBERS:
Buy NIFTY 11596-11605 with and target 11657-11679.
Target was achieved.

Have you seen what I had written on Bank-Nifty yesterday?

Bank-Nifty has JUMPED, where from written support was in range 29395-29450 (made low 29437). And, made a high that is 29958. Our Target has achieved today as given yesterday 29977. You can check full detail what was it…!

The Gravitate price is being played such as magnet which has a yellow color with a number to . If you see it closely from left to , you can understand that it will perform as Resistance role for BANK Nifty.

As per the gravitating price, bank nifty has still targeted 30000, and 30032-30078 will be profit booking zone.

The Gravitating price nearby, we might have price rotation OR pullback.

Don’t overlook the BLUE channel, which is still active. If its move 30000, then there is not the meaning of blue channel.

  • A long bull candle was formed on the daily chart.
  • The important event of next month.
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SPOT BANKNIFTY, will not back again? Answer is, Still exist BULLS

Spot bank nifty closed at support.
Last hope at 29211.
Trend line support 29395 – 29450

Even if the trend channel is continuing, and the following possibilities still exist;

  • 1) Gravitate price will attract the value, so long traders have target 29977.
  • 2) The support at 29395-29450 will push the nifty toward to 29700.
  • 3) Last hope at 29211, if bank nifty slip to that will be a pure bearish trend.

The formation of a bearish candle following a bearish Belt Hold on the daily scale indicates that bears are now forcing the market to restrict its momentum.

It can slip the next 1-2 sessions if above is not existing.

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Who has controlled on BANKNIFTY, how?

We are again coming with BANKNIFTY analysis.


In the chart, it’s clearly visible that the strength of the buyers is much higher than the sellers. If a resistance not considered then, the next target is against our eye at 30389.

  • Positive global cues.
  • Investments are likely to pick up after the Lok Sabha elections in 2019.
  • Appeared today, fight between buyers and sellers in which seller has not much strength.
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Banknifty: we don’t think to stop the move up here

We’ve observed a nice fall in bank-nifty yesterday, but till we do not think to stop move up by it. Look at the chart closely, you can find great support for intraday traders and target too.

There are till bulls have much power, and you can get great opportunity to Double/Triple your money by option trading on bank nifty. Yes, you can check the above level for intraday entry.

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