Forex tips: EUR, AUD, GBP vs. USD forecasts


EURUSD Pair are moving up, but it’ll shortly touch 1.12291 level.
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AUDUSD stuck between 0.70332 to 0.69428 level, and I’m damm sure if it stays above 0.70332 level for 2 consecutive hours then the AUDUSD will fly on sky! If that not happen, then it’ll look up is 0.69765-0.69600 below levels soon.


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Currency tips on AUD, GBP, JPY, INR vs. USD forecasts

aud usd hourly technical chart

GPB/USD Image forecast

Crucial level: 1.5487

Once GBPUSD pair closes below the crucial level then it will touch 1.5443-1.5361-1.5237 levels and if it stays above the crucial level then we will see 1.5626-1.5726+ levels.

USD JPY Image tips forecast

Hurdle: 120.2 level
Whatever last trading session performance or moves of USDJPY pair, but it’s looking weak until break and close above the hurdle.
By that means if it crosses over the hurdle then we will see non-stop up rides, and it’ll hit 120.4-120.6-120.8+ levels
So now smart traders know what to do with it!
And I’ll explain about upcoming downtrend information to subscribers soon!

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USDINR Currency tips

USDINR will not stop going down. Yes, it may start moving up whenever it closes above 65.9 level. So buyers may wait for that level, but sellers should keep selling until it touches 65.3862 to 65.1389 levels.

Remember, last target 65.1389 level is solid support of USDINR pair.

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Live Forex trading signal on AUDUSD

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AUDUSD pair is looking weak and start dropping soon. You may start selling at 0.71250 to 0.70960-0.708670.

If the AUDUSD pair closes above 0.71270 H1 candle, then it may think to move up and will try to touch 0.71360-0.71560.

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Free forex tips on Global & Indian Currency pairs


After 3 days of positive trend current rise should over near 1.3671 then it may move down to 1.3611 – 1.3595 levels.
For Long term traders – If the market stays below 1.3641 a fall to 1.3530 is expected. But once market break the point 1.3696 it could bounce to new high.

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forex gbpusd


It should continue rally to 1.6460 – 1.6485. After which a pullback to 1.6379 – 1.6359 zone is possible.
As per weekly chart Market should hold major support at 1.6205 before rising towards 1.6487 – 1.6558.



Market should go down to 0.8307 – 0.8303 area. If this crucial support zone holds then it must resume higher to 0.8331 – 0.8353 zone.

forex eurgbp

forex audusd


It looks likely that it would rise to 0.8998 – 0.9036 from 0.8923 or before. After which a downside move is expected.

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Forex Trading Tips For EURUSD & AUDUSD

EURUSD EURUSD Spot kissed 1.3800 in last trading session. This rise should end around 1.3818,

we must see a free fall to 1.3748 – 1.3710 – 1.3680.

But, break of 1.3849 is bullish again.

AUDUSD Market should not go lower than 0.9048 – 0.9013.

After this move down, it should go up to 0.9101 – 0.9119 area.


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