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EURUSD, USDCHF, EURINR & BTCUSD – Weekly technical analysis

forex eur usd forecast

Euro is looking strong against the dollar, but it’s a trap for speculators’.
Solid support: 1.11764 Hurdle: 1.11668

If we see the hurdle on this week then you’ll look up extremely selling pressure on EURUSD pair, but I’ve just a message for traders, “this week ride will show you 1.11274-1.11142-1.11065” but remember that if break the solid support then EURUSD will touch 1.11908-1.12078.

chf usd forecast

USDCHF will move up until that break 0.97115 level. On next week we’ll see 0.97321 – 0.97387 – 0.97487+. Don’t forget if it moves down to 0.97115 level then it can drop up to 0.97015.

currency eur inr tips

If you see the euro against Indian rupees then it’s still strong and if we see close below 73.9373 then it’ll go down non-stop and hit 73.6522-73.3233-72.8189 below…

EURINR pair trend will be change if it crosses and close above 74.3101 level and once it stays above that level for 1 consecutive day then we might see 74.5843-74.8474-75+

btc usd forecast

This week Bitcoin trend will remain upward and hit 242.36-249.13 and whenever it closes below to 222.61 then downtrend will be being..

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