Nifty is expected to perform in a certain range.

After bumping into a prescribed level, nifty is expected to perform in a certain range. I don’t think this prescribed level more than 8407. So, the more accurate way is to be exposed to this level, its will be something like 8335-8238.

Look at the “weekly chart” for better understand.



Keeping in mind the stoplight, the market is likely to go over the next 3 days.  This distance is 200 points remaining to clear by nifty due to this next week.

Check minutely in the daily chart


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buying level- 194-196
Target – 204-206

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Updated for Subscribers on 31th may, 2016 (Time: 10 o’clock morning)

We don’t think nifty can break 8140 today… so you can take small risk to buy 8155 to 8166 for targets 8245-8264 but SL 8138

Nifty Future Updated 1st June, 2016 (Time 00:15)

There’re two pattern and, both are bullish in slow moving way. Still in the market is not going to be suspicious but even if nifty break 8140 below, we might start selling…!


Niftybank: till bullish?


Bank nifty is trading at 1524, but this index is look till up side 1568 until chart mentioned resistance. Need a patience for short traders.


GBPUSD Pair Signals Forecast

Best time for sell GBPUSD pair!
Targets: 1.51688 – 1.51400
Hurdle: 1.52205
It’s running around 1.52160 and If H1 candle close above to hurdle level then you may buy it for 1.52367-1.52594-1.52716

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SELL NF at Open 8918 to 8929 & SELL DisTV

(CASH NSE) Sell DISTV 101 to 102 Stoploss 103.5 targets 96 to 92 intraday (Small amount of risk and High Reward)

SELL NIFTY 8918 to 8931 at opening and Targets 100 or More points down side… 100% Perfect News…
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Gail (India) Ltd. (daily intraday chart)

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