NIFTY: Price Action Perspective and wave analysis

Daily Chart
Price Action perspective:


After the accomplishment of the lower-low, nifty surged and reached near the previous lower-high point at 17639.

As mentioned in down theory, An upward trend is a series of successively higher highs and higher lows.
Price is weak below 17639, which is a previous lower high.
If nifty creates a swing failure, supply will exceed the demand.

Daily Chart:
Elliott Wave Perspective:


Nifty has completed the corrective wave A of triple zigzag (Z)
If the price gives a consecutive close above (X), it suggests that corrective structure has occurred and an impulsive wave started.

However, the price has given three moves after wave A.
Sub-wave a traveled 100% of wave B.
The price is weak below 17639 and strong above 17650.

In my previous idea, I have mentioned the price can be out of the channel. Sellers can enter after a rejection of the candle on a higher timeframe.
Safe traders can enter when the price enters into the downtrend channel.

Today’s close will initiate positional views.

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Trader’s Roadmap Jan, 2022 – What I expect on Indian Market?

The upcoming market moves will destroy 80% of traders’ investments. We are sharing with you NSE’s perspective that will be helpful in January 2022.

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NIFTY: Bullish Triple Zigzag (1H)

The spot nifty hourly chart at an exciting juncture. The juncture isn’t easy to identify the next turn for beginners. Where will upturn sustain?

Below levels are very crucial. That will help you make a new position or create a trade setup on Nifty.

The first observation should be on the trend. And it is down by looking at the above chart (left to right). The price is defining a lower low. And that is W, Y, and Z. Moreover, the low high is similar (1X and 2X). Hence, I have chosen Oct 18605 high and Dec 16410 low. Wherein come out Bullish Triple Zigzag corrective pattern formation.

Are you expecting a continuous downtrend? Then look at the equality ratio. That gives you resistance levels. And after the ending of the point of the Z wave, ((w))=((y)) at 17574.

Furthermore, the level of 17600 is equal to waves A and C, but the 17503 level is the first upcoming resistance A = C | 0.789 ratio.

Trend Reversal Key Level:
Reconsider the wave count at 17640 lower high.

According to the current market situation, the Nifty price is under 17640. It’s a direct sign of downtrend moves. And the first target will be the 17077 level.

Nifty traders must look at this DJIA chart.

Can you see the new high on DJIA? Further information I will update you soon.

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Nifty Outlook: Bull Trend Or Bull Trap?

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In my previous post, I have mentioned that nifty can make an upward move before making the last leg. Nifty was at 16999, and it has made a high of 17400 on 31st December 2021.

Click here to read previous article.

Nifty is out of the channel and near to the previous lower high.

If nifty breaks up of 17639, we can expect a big upward move to 18210, which indicates that the correction is complete.

And if it fails to break the parallel channel, we can expect the following targets: 16909-16690-16449-16369, and the price will start wave C of wave (Z).

Please note that the downtrend is below 17639.

I will upload further information soon.

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Will BPCL change the trend by breaking the falling wedge?

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BPCL had broken the uptrend channel and started correcting the previous move.

It has made a falling wedge, which is on the level of 61.8%.

Price will reach 401 and may face minor resistance. But If the price gives a strong close above 401.2, we can see the following targets: 415-439-456-469 and more.

If the price doesn’t make a higher low and breaks 357, it will make a down move of about 340.

Traders can wait for a pullback, and they can enter after the breakout of 401.2.

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