Technical Chart patterns on nifty data of 2005 to 2010.

Following patterns are found for data of 2005 to 2010 (5 years data) on weekly candle chart.

  • Flag Patterns
  • Bullish and bearishHead and Shoulders pattern
  • Triangle Pattern

Patterns are repeating again and again. Price Rotation, Overlapping, Tails etc are using for entry, exit and protective stop.

Chart Patterns for NIFTY, data of 2015 to 2020 weekly candles.

Following patterns are found for data of 2015 to 2019 (5 years data) on weekly candle chart.

  • Channel pattern
  • Flag Patterns
  • Currently running Head and Shoulders pattern
  • Remarkable zone 1, 2 and 3

Head & Shoulders pattern is still uncompleted with right shoulder. The neckline target is 10063
At the remarkable zone, its has highly price rotation detected with tails
As per channel pattern, the range is 12600 to 10900. The gravitating target 12000 for nifty.

Conclusion, break 10900 below nifty can draw more downward.

Lot of time and brainpower attempting for technical analysis for NIFTY

The technical analysis developed through practical experience with the trading markets and has resulted in some sizable fortunes for those following it. Traders and investors hope to buy a security at the beginning of an uptrend at a low price, ride the trend, and sell the security when the trend ends at a high price. Although this strategy sounds very simple, implementing it is exceedingly complex. We’re going to focus on Chart Patterns right now from 2000 to 2005 years of data with the chart.

The first and most important, of course, is to determine when a trend is beginning or ending. The money is made by “jumping” on the trend as early as possible. Theoretically, this sounds simple, but profiting consistently is not so easy. Let see the look on the following chart which can help you to understand the technical analysis and patterns.

What exactly is this trend that the investor wants to ride to make money? Recognizable patterns form within a trend will always give you a great opportunity to make money.

The “Channel Pattern” started in Jan. 2000 and ended on Nov. 2001 and the color of that pattern is indicated by orange.

The “Triangle Pattern” a period of consolidation by wave(1),(2),(3) and (4) which was started on Nov. 2001 and Break-Out(wave no. 5)has been represented in Jun. 2003 which is drawn by blue color.

Simple 3 flag patterns detected,

  • 1 flag pattern
  • 2 wedges and broadening flag pattern
  • 3 triangle flag pattern

After exploring all data from 2000 to current year data, You can easily understand the repetition of patterns and identify them.

ZEEL is very near the support.

When a position is initiated in a futures and options contract on ZEEL at value low, just focus on this stock for the long side.

If there is a major danger situation, then ZEEL price will go to rise suddenly and rapidly.

Investors have an eye on this stock…, fort target 300 above. PRICE cmp 264 nearby and target 300 above. The difference is 36 points which are big.

Support existed 253 nearby. more detail are for subscribers to take entry.

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UPL is for subscriebrs only…!

Take advantage of over-reaction on BPCL.

The following factors are -ve.

  • Price is too far from 20 M.A.
  • Tail found at the area of over-reaction.
  • Wave(5) is so close.
  • The price is out of trade channel area.

Professional and smart money investors whatever you called them such as Speculators, Arbitrageurs, Fund managers, insiders, etc. are already entered near the wave (4). Focus on their profit booking for short this stock.

Logically, best short price 466 nearby for maintaining good risk and reward as a protective stop above 474 above. Thinking about everything is exactly what target is targeted 438 and 400 below.

If you want to give higher probability to the your trade, then you must know Investor Psychology.

UPDATED on 26th, Sept. 2019

Time to act on BAPL future Octomber..

Selling BPCL future oct. 482-486 and stoploss 490 above and targets 462-432

ZEEL, Looking at some points, Investors are ready to attack.

As a demand zone buying will expect 260-243. As per relationship of the candle, we can buy this stock after crossing 278. The target is the same as the pullback which was at 293-295.

300 Level is also a target for investors.

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