Let’s find the number to enter in the MARICO.

Almost all the major resistances and supports are mentioned in the chart. if you look carefully, you will realize that all majors resistance became stronger support.

As per above statement, (c) has already taken as a support 334.2.

Expected investors entry between 228-232 range for the 357-361 target on this stock.

Primary trend is up and we want to move the direction of primary trend therefore, buying on this stock is worthful.

The thing to note is that the stock is having a strong channel that can be seen by the chart up-trend and down-trend follows tightly.

Another thing is to be noted: When this stock takes a turn, the big move creates on the single day of secession. So far we have not seen any such thing/big move on a single day o trading.

As per the daily chart , this stock can test 320 nearby. This is the meaning that stock has remained one sharp fall.

The eyes of both investors and buyers should be on this stock.

Talking about the long term is a reversal point for the close. The eyes of both investors and buyers should be on this stock for deep buying. Over-reaction, which is a little more down moves us a super entry point for the trader. 495-505 are the best level for short term holding.

I will update shortly for PAID SUBSCRIBERS, small timeframe chart for this stock more clearity of entry and target point.

Did you remember the last update of spot nifty?

In last update, I have updated everything about nifty which was clear. Actual support also mentioned 11854(made low 11844). Still nothing is much change in this update.

Support 11854 is strong and reference of Cycle(ii) 11934-11955 non stop move. Breaking and closing below 11812 previous investor’s support will push nifty down but chance is very low till.

Perfectly achieved and follow our level by NIFTY spot. Look at the chart and mentioned the support at 11854 and fired upto 11966. Let’s check it by chart.

Trend and Trade setup for BAJAJFIN.

By looking at daily chart shows a lot more clear vision of next moment for investors activities. The price is trading between value high to control price 1.

Scenario 1:
If the price starts to fall then the next target will be at previous resistance in 8595 and the gravitating target can be easy 8400.

Scenario 2:
Lagging or late fall then price can move up for little and then price fall will be starting late.

BAJAJFINSV has formed a solid tight up-channel. The considering long term trend, the current is going down. Though as per the time cycle, the downtrend is too far from now to start, the price is already reached at a value high and started to fall. The Previous resistance was is at 8585.

I will update live for SUBSCRIBERS to short selling level.

Everything are clear on spot nifty

Everything is clear on spot nifty. Resistance 12021 and 11955.

Support and targets 11889 and 11854.

You have to create your action plan if you are ready to trade,…