TATA STEEL: Hit’s all Target


(last close:241.90)

There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it.  – George Bernard Shaw


Tata Steel yesterday achieved intraday target of.. 242.

Today achieved all  target of 245-247-250 and made day high of 264.

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Nifty Future update:forget worries Bull!

images-9(last closes:5714.05)

The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective. -Warren Buffett

What for today.?

 Nifty Future we said it will march to level of 5665 and if stay above

will make new high, and we saw high of… 5717 after 12 red  days .

Today Nifty Future we see buying pressure above 5717 at yesterday high. 

Quite possible  we see new level upside 5733-5748-5765.

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Update: Today’s Guesstimate Stock (TATA STEEL)


(Last close:227)

TATA STEEL(Stock future)


Just watch 234-235 and maximum deep buy at  232.
go for target 242 today, and will touch 245-247 and 250 in coming days.

Keep Stop loss of 228 for intraday.
Risk involve in this stock  if trade or close below 220.

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Free Nifty Future Update

(Last close 5589.70)

Nifty closed up 46.55 points at 5565.65 while Nifty futures closed at 5589.70, premium of 24.05 points. FIIs sold in Cash, net sell 395.78 Crore while DIIs bought in Cash, net buy 516.15 Crore. FIIs sold in Stock future, Index Option but bought in Index Future, net sell 805.87 Crore!

Yes.! We told on Thursday that lower side at 5542 and made low of 5541.

What for Today..?
Thursday Nifty future closed in positive which shows possibility of reversal.
Today Nifty Future After a long waiting, bull may find a way to upside 5620 and trade above it will take 5665 .
if cross over level then we will see a new high.

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Nifty Future update:what this Thursday show strength or weakness?


 Last close 5554.15

Nifty closed down 23.15 points at 5519.10 while Nifty futures closed at 5554.15, a premium of 35.05 points. FIIs sold in Cash, net sell 350.92 Crore while DIIs bought in Cash, net buy 261.73 Crore. FIIs sold in Index future, stock futures and in Index option, net sell 2013.62 Crore!


Yesterday Nifty Make 12-13 trading session’s new Low of, 5515. And take reverse from this make a high of  5603 and closed down 23 points at 5554.

What For Today.?

Today Nifty future will find lower side  at  5542.

If break this will take it to 5481, and at the upper side

we will expect the Nifty to move up to 5578 and if trade above this level

then 5620 is possible very soon.

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Where to Now – Nifty Future

NFbuy final

Current Position Of  Market

Technically we found better opportunity for Buying in current market at 

5586-5616 .

If not closing below 5580 then reversal should take place.

Just Look at the above Chart and follow the level to be at right side of the Market .

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