Daily Nifty Future : 23th Sep, 2013.


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Simple Sound, yet it is the greatest failing of people who lose in the stock market. Successful traders realize that they will not be right all the time. Many successful traders are profitable on less than half their trades. Given these losing probabilities, the reason winners make money is that they cut losses short and let profits run. They have the discipline to hit the eject button when they are proven wrong. And those who consistently lose money? They hang on for the dream.

We at MoneyMunch.com had been consistently recommending to Buy NIFTY FUTURES 5840, As you’re all very much aware that we gave target for Nifty futures 6122 and for Bank Nifty 10800 during this week.  JUST LOOK ON IT: CLICK HERE.


 Just watch Support as 5916 to 5936

Keep Stop loss of 5900 For Targets 5978 to 5888

Suppose to crossover 6011…then  Nifty future can fire to 6111…!

RED alert: Below 5900… NF can fall more…

More Update will be live for subscribers…

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Again Nifty Future bought 5800 above…

On the last Friday, We bought nifty future and This morning 1st Target achieved.!

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Buy NF 5844 and Go for targets 5924 to 5944 and more 6021 to 6088 if not break 5777

More Details will be for Subscribers…

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Nifty future attempting to crossing over 6050 refreshed with chart

At times it’s very challenging to move on, but at one time you move, you’ll understand, it was the Best choice. You’ve Ever Made.


A unexpected improvement of key geopolitical risk, good numbers from China and the belief of a light tapering have switched on risk appetite, weakness in dollar uv rupees.


[list style=”circle”][list_item]Price managed to close above crucial moving averages.[/list_item][list_item]On the chart shows a potential resistance line which set up 6030[/list_item][list_item]In the coming days, short sellers will create good position on short side[/list_item][list_item]200-300 Points of short fall expected only, therefore don’t create overload position on short side.[/list_item][list_item]Market is still good for up move, just expected short term fall…[/list_item][/list]


Remember: Trends never reverse quickly but tops are very defined. Reversals take time to build and result in specific patterns. The first big drop almost always finds buyers, and the first spike almost always finds sellers.

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Nifty Future Update: selling pressure..!

More than anything else, what differentiates people who live up to their potential from those who don’t is a willingness to look at themselves and others objectively. – Ray Dalio
Yesterday Nifty closed up 106.65 points at 5448.10 while Nifty futures closed at 5458.05, a premium of 9.95 points. FIIs bought in Cash, net buy 172.53 Crore while DIIs sold in Cash, net sell 222.36 Crore. FIIs bought in Index future, Stock future but sold in Index Option, net buy 780.65 Crore!
What for today…?
selling pressure expected after 11 o’clock….
5622 to 5642 targets 5555 and 5300
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Nifty Future Update as on 3- sep-2013

Untitled-2-copy.jpg( last close 5554.60)

My experience indicates that most people who’ve accumulated a great deal of wealth haven’t had that as their goal at all. Wealth is only a by-product, not the original motivation. – Michael Milken

 Nifty closed up 78.95 points at 5550.75 while Nifty future closed at 5554.60, premium of 3.85 points. FIIs bought in Cash, net buy 475.92 Crore while DIIs sold in Cash, net sell 285.81 Crore. FIIs bought in Stock future, Index future but sold in Index future, net buy 996.42 Crore.

Yesterday we told!

Yes noon we updated weekly chart showing fresh position for bull’s.

We said  5535 is the point to be watch out very care fully if it crosses conformation for bullish trend.

What for Today?

Today, Nifty Future strongly favor bull to gain.

Nifty will possibly check the 5600 if the movement remain same

be surly check level indicated in weekly chart of 5642.

 soon the 5700 very much possible.

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Nifty Future Weekly Update

Nifty very close to the  crucial condition.

we see  resistance is at 5535 level which must been seen as focal point for NF.

If Nifty future above focal point  5535

bull will be upper to check the level of 5642-5700.

Fail  to take position  at this level may quite possible drive down  to 5050 soon.


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