Commodity MCX Gold, Silver, Natural gas, CPO & NCDEX RMSEED, Barely tips

Commodity Gold and Silver tips for today

mcx gold and silver

Gold spot is looking strong for today and silver will go down continue. If silver crossover $15.65 level then we may see some in MCX silver otherwise you can continue sell it after break $15.4 for $15. For more information, you can subscribe to our premium service!

MCX Natural gas tips for today

Natural gas direction can flip either way before the end of this week, but for today we look only bear. Opening bell seller can easily eat some profit and target for them 255.5 level!
Buyers for golden opportunity are coming, but be aware with 255 level because it’s a hurdle.

mcx ncdex cpo
If you want to make some coins and need sure shot then go with MCX CPO flow because it will definitely move down.
Targets: 446.5 – 445
Free users for stoploss yesterday high!

ncdex rape mustard seed
NCDEX Rape mustard seed (RMSEED) is looking very strong and you can buy it @ opening for 3866-3876 level.
More information by SMS to my premium subscribers only!

No mixed opinions – direct trading decision if you believe on my target.
Short term target: 1650-1658

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Commodity NCDEX Rape Mustard seed, Barley, Chana, Jeera & Turmeric tips

ncdex rape mustard seed
RMSEED Last close 3447

If you find opening bell negative then just sell it without worry because 110% very hot agri-commodity!
Targets: 3438-3428

Barley Last close 1313.5

Barley started to move downward from last week and we’re looking more blood. It should be open downside and jump on it for lots of money!
Targets: 1306-1300 below
Hurdle: 1323
Above 1323, you will find it at 1330-1340+. Be careful and free users for S/L yesterday high!

ncdex chana charddel
Chana Last close: 2984

Who’s thinking to sell something today safely? Are you? Then close your eyes and sell Gram chana!
Targets: 2964-2953
Remember, it should be open negative – otherwise don’t make any trade on it & S/L will be provided to premium members only!

ncdex jeera
Jeera Last close, 10620

For Lion Heart Traders: Sell Jeera on top…
Targets: 10540-10500 below
Free users for S/L yesterday high!

ncdex turmeric free tips
Turmeric Last Close 6548

Turmeric is good for all types of traders.
Intraday targets: 6485-6436
Short term targets: 6400-6300
Intraday traders keep your eyes on opening bell and try to sell on top. Turmeric hurdle is, 6603 level.

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FREE COMMODITY TIPS: MCX Gold, Silver, Aluminium and NCDEX Dhaniya, RMSEED (Rape Mustard Seed)

MCX Aluminum is falling downward continuously after break our hurdle 111. I told you my subscribers, it will move downward. Anyway, yesterday, Aluminum made new low 107.8 level in 3 months. Expecting more bloodbath with targets: 106.7-105-104.3
Above each target is 1 hurdle. Be careful!
More information about Aluminium to our paid member.

mcx silver

What I said on 19 Nov by last newsletter about Silver?
Click here to read it again
[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] I told you, “Bullion sector is very weak for next few weeks. Anyway, Intraday traders Go and sell silver without any worry.
Targets: 45,034 – 44,690 – 44,433″ [/sws_blockquote_endquote]
Silver completed my all target yesterday & My paid members Sold @ 45,350 & Booked profit @ 44,580 without any Stoploss, what else you need?

What you think now about Silver huh?
It will move continuously downside or may go upward?
For to know about Gold / Silver direction, subscribe our service!

Dhaniya ncdex tip

NCDEX Dhaniya made new high 7378. Buyers, keep your eyes on it. If once open upwardly then go and buy it for collect small profit.
Targets: 7415-7471+
More information about Dhaniya by SMS, due to market hours for paid members.

ncdex rape mustard seed

NCDEX Are you ready? Go and Sell RMSEED (Rape Mustard Seed) without any worry, but remember it should be open downward.
Targets: 3767-3753-3742 below

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NCDEX (Agro commodity) UPDATE: Rape Mustard Seed, Castor seed and Turmeric – ALL TARGET TOUCHED

ncdex rape mustard seed

What I said about Rape Mustard Seed (RMSEED)?
Click here to read it again
I had told, “Below 3511 level, I see only darkness and that time targets will 3496-3480-3466-3450
Yesterday, RMSEED made low 3464. It kissed our third target 3466 in just 2 trading session. Enjoy!


I had also written about Castor seed
Click here to read it again
I said, “Castor seed is looking downside for intraday trading. Targets: 3510-3500-3487
gif gun
Yesterday, Castor seed made low 3481 and Kissed our all targets. Enjoy our free calls…

ncdex turmeric free tips

I was written about Turmeric on 23 Jun. Click here to read it again.
I had told, “I don’t need to explain more about NCDEX Turmeric. Just keep your eyes on opening bell, once upward then buy it. It will kiss, 5979-6023-6061. When we’re talk about Turmeric that time opening bell is most important thing.”
Yesterday Castor seed made high 6086 and our all targets kissed…
Did you see it or miss it? What else you need?

More Commodity NCDEX Update & Newsletter for our subscribers only!

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NCDEX (Agro commodity) picks: Rape Mustard Seed, Dhaniya, Castor seed & Turmeric

Every day, Moneymunch’s commodity market experts and portfolio managers provide a bevy of commodity picks, starting points for commodity analysis and commodity ideas that merit additional research.

It’s time to believe in agro-commodity trend. See below chart:


Last few months simple observation of how move is in Rape seed mustard. Level 3538 is very strong and once close above this level then it can eat 3560-3579-3588 levels in short period. Below 3511 level, I see only darkness and that time targets will 3496-3480-3466-3450 levels.


For NCDEX Traders, Dhaniya is best pick ever. You should to wait for 1 trading session, it is looking very hot! On Money, once close downward, then sell it. Targets are 6600-6550-6500-6450 below. Remember, if dhaniya will close upward then big boom happen and kiss 6750-6800-6835+. Now the choice is yours!


Castor seed is looking downside for intraday trading. Targets: 3510-3500-3487. Stop loss and Exact time for my subscribers!

ncdex turmeric TIP

I don’t need to explain more about NCDEX Turmeric. Just keep your eyes on opening bell, once upward, then buy it. It will kiss, 5979-6023-6061. When we’re talk about Turmeric, that time opening bell is the most important thing.

More Commodity Update & Newsletter for our Subscribers only!

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ncdex chana
Today I have something for NCDEX Traders. Let’s start with Chana. Go and sell it with targets: 3111-3073
One thing have to keep into your mind…is “Opening bell should be downward.”


ncdex rape mustard seed
Let me introduce another Agri-commodity RMSEED (Rape Mustard Seed), Go and sell it for earning few bucks. Targets: 3463-3453. Here, S/L for subscribers and you just keep your eyes on opening bell…!

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