MCX Market direction for this week plus Gold, Mentha Oil, Castor Seed & RMSEED update


Commodities are started to look a little better. Many commodities and equity indexes have been churning back and forth the couple weeks on the uncertainties with Europe and China. Yep, now I’ll say to my clients about Gold direction for this month and if you want to know then subscribe our service first.

mcx mentha oil tips

Keep your eyes on opening bell. Once it’ll open downward then go and sell it without worry!
Targets: 1396 – 1386
Free users for stoploss last high!

ncdex castor seed oil tips

If anyone seeing Castor Seed future bright then he/she should to think again! Yes, our subscribers sold castor seed at 3497 and again 3203 level. Yes you.. also sold castor seed 3148 right? I said, on my newsletter with target 2900. Our target blasted on 11th June 2012 Click Here to Read Castor Seed call history.

Intraday traders can buy it today. Yep, its opening bell should be upward after work on it. Bit risky – be careful.
Targets: 3186 – 3200

MCX Rapeseed Tips

110% looking hot!
Intraday Traders, go and sell it without worry..
Targets: 3670 – 3660

You want to know about MCX Gold?

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All Fired: MCX Gold Guinea, Nickel, Mentha Oil & NCDEX RMSEED

Yesterday what I had written about Gold Guinea/Nickel/Mentha Oil/RMSEED @ 9:21 AM?

mcx gold silver gif

Yesterday I told you “Buy MCX Gold Guinea without worry!
If you don’t remember then Click Here and see it
As I said Gold Guinea fired and made new high 22799

mcx nickel calls

Yesterday what I had written about MCX Nickel?
Simple Click Here and See It
I said, “Sell it without worry! Targets were: 990 – 987 – 983
My subscribers sold it @ 993 with Stoploss 998
And Booked Profit @ 982.4
As I said to everyone (Free/Paid Member) ALL TARGETS KISSED
I hope all you enjoyed!

mcx mentha oil tips

Yesterday I said about MCX Mentha Oil?
I said, “Buy Mentha Oil between 1644 – 1649 levels with stop loss 1640. Targets: 1667 – 1673
gif media politician
My Last Target 1673 achieved!
What you want more from me?

Yes, I said also about NCDEX RMSEED. Yesterday I said RMSEED opening bell should be downwards with stop loss 3570 after work on it. And RMSEED opened @ previews close price and also crossed red light.

You want to know more about MCX/NCDEX Market?

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MCX Gold Guinea, Nickel, Mentha Oil & NCDEX RMSEED

MCX Guinea Tips

The overall fundamental picture looks good for MCX Gold Guinea but take care about opening bell because it should be up side after work on with stoploss 22545
Our Targets: 22608 – 22626 – 22650
Trade with medium qty because looking bit risky

mcx mentha oil tips

Today I think MCX Mentha Oil is best for make money
Buy between 1644 – 1649 levels with stop loss 1640
Our Targets: 1667 – 1673
Trade on it with low qty

mcx nickel calls

Once open downwards then sell it without worry!
Targets: 990 – 987 – 983
Free users for stop loss yesterday high!


NCDEX RMSEED 101% Looking Weak!
Remember one thing, opening bell should be downwards and Stoploss 3570
Sell around 3552 – No worry @ all!
Targets: 3524 – 3513


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New Update: Gold, Copper, Aluminum, RMSEED, Cocudakl, Soy oil & Dhaniya

Today I’ll write about Gold, Copper, Aluminum, RMSEED, Cocudakl, Soy oil and Dhaniya.

gold silver mcx tips

Nowadays Gold is consolidating. Yes, I’ll not write stop loss here because it’s for subscribers. Remember, Gold opening bell should be down side after work on it.
dhTargets: 27436 – 27400

mcx copper calls

Buy Copper around 417.5 with Stoploss: 416
Targets: 420 – 421
Exact time and Exact Level for Subscribers only!

NCDEX Rape Mustard Seed Tips

NCDEX Players ready?
Go and Buy RMSEED
Targets, Stoploss and Exact level for Subscribers!

ncdex cocudakl cotton seeds tips

Just Buy & Forget!
Short Term Targets: 1344 – 1350 – 1353
Remember, opening bell should be upper side with stop loss 1319

NCDEX Soy Oil tips

It’s trying to move up side. Thus, work with soy oil very carefully
Targets: 703 – 699
Make stop loss 710.5

Dhaniya ncdex tips

99% Hot Commodity!
Let’s being game with Dhaniya
Sell it without worry!
Targets: 3858 – 3832 – 3799
Free users for stop loss yesterday high!

MCX Aluminium Tips

I’m looking very consolidate. Thus, alert you by SMS – subscribers only.

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NCDEX Guesstimate: Guar Seed, Chana, Rmseed, Soy oil & Cardamom

ncdex guar seed tips

101% Hot Commodity
Intraday and Short term we can see a massive buying
Don’t be panic, Grab it and observe blast blast blast
Opening bell should be upside and Buy on deep
Intraday Targets: 4591
Short Term Targets: 4626 – 4727

ncdex chana ca;;s

Chana isn’t good for Long Term
We can expect some good money from it
Buy it @ Opening bell – Should be upside
Targets: 3450 – 3470

Rapeseed Mustard Tips

Best Strategy is to Trade with Levels
Buy on deep without worry after anyone-whatever say bla bla bla
Not expecting much rally in RMSEED but collect some money from RMSEED
Targets: 3088 – 3098
(Don’t forget to make stoploss 3067)
Exact Time – Exact Level – With STOPLOSS Subscribers only!

You want to know more about NCDEX Market?
Updated: Soy Oil + Cardamom

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Commodity Report: MCX Gold, Silver & Cardamom and NCDEX Pepper, Chana & RMSeed

mcx gold & silver tips

Remember all readers & subscribers or I need to take one hammer for hit on your head huh?
As I said, both are running and soon it’ll touch targets.

mcx gold silver tips

Today you’ll see more Firework..

ncdex pepper tips

What I had written on 15th July 2011 about Pepper
Click Here to see it
Lion heart traders come with me – Make double dhamal in NCDEX

As I expect pepper hit our first target also as I said stoploss 27890 after the touch our bad line – It made good low.

What you expect about MCX / NCDEX – Cardamom, RM Seed, Chana..?
If you want to know more about it then subscribe our service now – CLICK HERE

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