Nifty Fut. 19-10-2010

Opening Bell Massage Of Yesterday :

Buy NF @ 6015/6000 level and Stoploss 5995 and Targets 6105-6135 and also hold for targets 6167-6185/6232

(Already Target Achieved yesterday, but My Subscribers given Next Target to hold 6162-6185/6232)

-Just see …It kissed :6136 level !!

(Aso, you given to you to buy [email protected] 6015)

What for Today?

Nifty may open: 6144-6156

(Yes, My Subscribers long in NF from 6015 and also bought more 6036)

Just Watch Today 6043

If stay above 10min to 15min. … Then, it will kiss 6166-6178

(Book Profit of your long here)

Watch 6175 above

(If stay above for 5min… then PANIC 6222-6236)

Yes, This panic target given to you & My Subscribers yesterday

From 6162-6180: Nifty Can fall 40-70 Points…?

I’ll update more for my subscribers

Nifty Fut. 18-10-2010

Just Watch Opening bells: 6063-6072

Minor Support: 6052 & Suppose to not break 6065 also,… then targets 6105-6132 & Positional 6185-6235

(If stay below 6055 for 10min… it will Take 6035-6028)

Today Watch: 6025

(Once breaks and close below it… PANIC will test 5969-5955)

Positional Message: Closing below: 6000 (Nifty Trend enter into Bearish)

Targets 5922-5900 and 5865-5832

From here, Bounce Possibility is highly activated… for 6178-6235

NIFTY Trend (12-10-2010)

Our Subscribers sold Nifty Future @ 6240 for targets 6068 and 5975 on 7 Oct. Thursday

(It was kissed to 6072)

Nifty fut. 6190-6199… GO For SELL with your Stoploss 6207

(Touched 6132 same day)


What for Today Nifty fut.?

Just watch range 6089-6138

No more movement…

If breaks 6080… then I’ll update


Once, cross above 6140 and close above 6132 so, PANIC Targets 6179-6190

Below 6180, ready for bloodbath and PANIC 6022-5976

In the coming days of 13 oct. to 15 oct.: You will see new with market (Bulls & Bears move)

I’m not going to open Secrete here

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…


Nifty Analysis

What for Today?

Above 6030…will test 6057-6069 level
(Suppose to cross 6060 and stay for 10min.)

Suppose, if happens and trade above 6060 for 10 minutes then watch more rally…up to 6086–6100 level.

Support : 5993-5999

End of Trading or Monday will confirm that nifty will touch 5832




More NSE Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…

Nifty Future “28-09-2010”



Disclosure: In last Message, Written to sell between 6087-6095 for targets 6065-6065 & Also 6038
(Nifty Tested 6093& fallen to 6055)

What for Today?

Just, Keep eye on 6018
If breaks & stay for 10min. below it…then PANIC Selling Targets 5986-5977 and Position 5916-5875 if close below 6007
Above it, Zoom – up to 6055-6063 and 6100-6080
Now, Very near that day when 50 and 70 Points Down Gap…
Just, Follow levels only…we only writes levels & believes it…

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to stock market hrs…

Nifty Future “27-09-2010”

Just watch 6059 level as Hurdle.

If Crossover with volumes…stays above this level for 5-10 minutes then nonstop rally upto 6074-6088-6100 …
Resistance 6083-6095, for down move 6068-6055 and 6038….?
If cross 6007 & stay 5min. So Exit…
Suppose to fall below 6045 & stay for 10minutes, so PANIC selling – 6014-6000 & 5979

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…