Commodity MCX Crude Oil, Nickel & Natural with Big Events report

How are you playing the markets right now? I have Sellers for Bad News and Buyers for Good News, what are you thinking? Which news right now? I’m watching no back door for seller. Exactly, I said my subscribers – ‘If Dow Jones cross Rs.11222 then you’ll see new direction on commodity market as well as on stock market.’ If Dow Jones opens around last close price then safe traders for one new treasury key for earn money. Yes, just buy stock and forget for 1 week. I give 100% positive news clear in your mind; you’ll get 300% return on any stock.

Big events: Silver gained 8.9% on the week – hitting a 30-year high, while gold only gained a paltry 2.6%. Silver closed at $26.75 an ounce on Friday. Gold closed at $1,394 an ounce, as is 26 percent higher on the year.

The large movie here is that silver is an inflation take part in and it looks similar to the U.S. is on a rock-hard track for a continued declining currency and upper inflation in the months and years to come.  Speculation is on the increase and silver is probably a more speculative to take part in than gold.  I would expect silver to continue outpacing gold if this “risk trade” from the out of control stimulus by the Fed and Congress continues.

crude oil tips

Readers, please be serious with Crude Oil. I’m watching new high in Crude Oil 3900 something like 1 week.

Buying level: opening bell

Hurdle – 3862

Target – 3900

Yes, my subscribers already in position on Crude Oil with level 3705.

Click here for read past report of crude oil.

free commodity mcx nickel tips

Buy nickel around the Monday low.

Make position, don’t fear, and close your eyes.

First good target for intraday traders – 1092.

Short term traders for level 1101

Natural Gas

High Alert: If natural gas crossover 174.9 then will take to 177 – 180.

Always, scare with 174.9 level.

If natural gas not crosses it then it can go down around 164.

What you expect now?

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MCX Gold, Silver, Aluminium, Nickel, Copper & Crude oil Tips

Do you want to play again with me?

Buy Crude Oil @ 3774 and your targets are 3800 – 3810.


If aluminium open below the 107.20

Aluminium touches level 107 and freeze 10min then SELL IT.

Book profit @ 106.4

Don’t hold long…!

Subscribers can see only – our gold, silver, nickel and copper

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Commodity MCX Nickel, Silver, Natural Gas & Copper Tips

free commodity mcx nickel tips updates

Small risk and small profit
Buy nickel @ opening bell – around
1st Book profit level1028
If nickel stay15min @ 1028  than Hold and make profit level 1033


Above @ 35929… No Selling!
My targets for silver –
36144 – 36267

Just have staying power… Don’t trade long!

Natural gas

Watch carefully 171 levels in natural gas.
Don’t hold long in short NG.
Short term investors for Natural gas targets 176 178 180


mcx copper

You want to buy or sell?
Don’t able to decide one direction?
If copper go level 374 and jump 373 than copper.
Resistance for copper is
375. And my targets are 371 370.
I’ll update more subscribers only.

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Nickel: Short Term Looking HOT!

Short Term: Trend UP – Medium Term: UP – Long Term, your own!

Minor Hurdles 1059 – 1078

Crossover above 1079 will take to 1090

Support at 1041 (If breaks 1028 with volume then will slide upto 1026 – 998)

My targets 1054 – 1064 – 1078.

I think, technically for short term worst is over.

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…

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