Commodity MCX Nickel & Zinc and NCDEX Guargum intraday tips updates

mcx nickel tips

Day before yesterday I said about Nickel?
If you forget that, then click here and remind it again!
I said in bold words, “I’m thinking …657 levels is future of Nickel


I said that when it was running around 668 level.. Look at now, yesterday it made low 654.5 touched my target!

mcx zinc tips

On Monday, I had also written about zinc. If you forget it then click me to see it.
I was said boldly, “Zinc trend is still downside so seller may enter anytime and we’ll see 110-109 below level..


Yesterday, zinc made low 109.65 and achieved our first target. So now what are you expecting?

Will it touch my second target or not?
Sorry, I’ll let you know it on next update!


guargum ncdex - gurgam

NCDEX Players must keep eyes on Guargum. It’s falling down over 8 months. Yesterday that closed up and gained 140 point, but it’ll take U-turn from here!

If it stays at 8135 level or above for 1-2 consecutive hours then we will see 8210-8275+ levels OR if it stays below to 8100 level then the guargum will look up us 8015-7954-7894 below levels.

Remember, exact time + exact level + stoploss = for premium subscribers only!

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Intraday Forecasts on Nickel & Zinc: Great expectations

MCX Nickel intraday tips

On this week, I can see Nickel is good in metal sector for intraday trading. Nickel crucial level is 671. If that close above to 671 levels then it trends will be change and start moving upward but in present time, I’m thinking …657 levels is future of Nickel!

Remember, seller must wait for top. Exact top level can give you double profit!

free zinc intraday tips

On Monday if commodity zinc cross or close above the 112.3 levels then it’ll ride up to 113-113.8+. Zinc trend is still downside, so seller may enter anytime, and we’ll see 110-109 below level…

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FREE Commodity MCX Gold, Silver, Nickel & CPO intraday tips

silver tips

On last trading session silver lost -173 point and closed at very crucial 35392 level. If the silver close or go below 35280 then we will see again 35000-34800 below levels in this week or if that close above 35500 then it’ll fly on sky and hit 35700-35900-36000

mcx comex gold spot tips

COMEX Gold will be stayed downward until that break and close above $1140.2 level. On next week it’ll show us $1090.6 level. And MCX Gold is looking pretty good against rather than gold spot, so use your login detail to read continue about MCX gold.

mcx nickel tips

MCX Nickel is closed at crucial level 663.4 and uptrend will being after it show closing above hurdle 672 level, so you can say downtrend will be stayed continue below the hurdle and touch 654-645-638 levels but if that close above the hurdle then we’ll 684-692 levels.

mcx cpo tips

CPO is sharply moving up from the last so many days.
Down signal: 377.8 and up signal: 381.7
Above-mentioned both level is explaining next week future of MCX CPO.

If the CPO cross and close above up signal level then definitely we’ll see 383-385-387.5+ OR if that close below the down signal level then no one can stop it to hit 375.5-373

Now the game is on your hand, so the choice is yours!

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UPDATE: COMEX / MCX Crude oil, Nickel & Mentha oil intraday tips

crude oil tips

Yesterday it had flown on sky and almost run up to 7.3%! What are you thinking about crude oil now?
If it crosses over or close above $43.55 then we’ll see $44.27-$44.80+ levels in the future.
But what about downtrend of Crude oil in MCX and COMEX?
First, join our service for, know that because I’m going to write it for premium subscribers only!

mcx nickel tips
Yesterday, what I had written about Nickel? New readers can CLICK HERE and read that again!
I wrote, “If the nickel crossover 640 level then we’ll see some positive moves upto 644-650 level
Yesterday, Nickel made high 664! So that means my all targets done!
I hope, everybody enjoyed my free newsletter! Anyway, what are you expecting about nickel now?
Resistance: 672
More information about Nickel will be updated due to market hours!

mcx mentha oil
What I said about Mentha oil before market opening? I think, you must read my yesterday newsletter again!
Click here to read that again!
Yesterday I’d boldly written, “Just keep your eyes on 951 level because after opening it will try to recover yesterday loss and show us moves up to 961-970
Yesterday it made high 967 and kissed my first target.


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FREE Commodity MCX Gold, Nickel & Mentha oil intraday tips


Today MCX Gold will show us up opening bell but don’t stuck in trap because soon it’ll start moving down! And yes, don’t make any down (sell position) trade until gold break previous close.

Oh yes, If you’re expecting regularly intraday levels and SMS and bla bla bla then subscribe our service because that’s only available for premium subscribers!

mcx nickel

Looking up best opportunity on Nickel!

Its hurdle is 636 level. If Nickel crossover 640 level, then we will see some positive moves up to 644-650 levels. But I’m expecting some blood before up ride, so go with hurdle and sell on top for 624-620 levels.


Yesterday, Mentha oil dropped almost 1% and loosed -15.4 points. Metha oil will stay positive until it stay above 951 levels, but once it goes below it, then we will see 944 levels. 944 levels are important for Mentha oil traders. If once it shows closes below or stay 15-30 consecutive minutes below (944 level) then it will drop up to 937-929 levels.

Just keep your eyes on 951 levels because after opening it will try to recover yesterday loss and show us moves up to 961 to 970!

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FREE Commodity MCX Gold, Crude oil, Nickel & Cardamom tips

MCX Nickel Chart tips

Nickel breaks small support 857.8 and closed at 850.3 level. Small traders can sell it for short term level 843-835 and stop loss will be yesterday high.

If opening bell make you confuse, then sell above or at 857.8 level.

mcx gold


ncdex cardamom

MCX Cardamom is looking very hot commodity. –ve opening will make it crazy and go down. You may see some up ride, but 1000 level isn’t to fall away.

Intraday traders for targets: 1015 – 1010
More information I will update during market hour for premium members.

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