UPDATE II: Gold & Silver Could Explode in Coming Weeks

Update: Are MCX Gold Stocks Preparing for A Rally?

gold tipsTo read yesterday’s Gold, Gold Guinea & Gold Petal’s Foretelling: Click here.

In the premarket newsletter, I had written in clear words, “As per the technical analysis, we will see the gold’s price at 32000. It’s the best time for the intraday traders. And we will see the gold petal’s at 3150 level soon. And also gold guinea will jump up to 25300 – 25500″.

  • MCX Gold has hit our target 32000.
  • Gold Patel also touched 3150 level target.
  • Gold Guinea has touched the first target 25300. Yesterday it made 25445 high and closed at 25336 level.

Update: Silver Is Up But Bears Still Have The Advantage

mcx silver tipsTo read yesterday’s Silver Report: Click here.

I had written in clear words, “For advanced traders, silver’s targets & turning points: 38200 – 38560”.

Yesterday silver made 38480 and closed at 38369. Our first target has complete. Enjoy our free commodity calls.

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Special Report: Gold, Gold Petal, Silver, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium Tips

Gold & Gold Petal Tips & Updates

free gold tipsClick here and check out yesterday’s intraday call of Gold Petal.

I had written in clear words, “It is safe to short for 3040 – 3030 – 3020 levels. Do not mess with Gold petal if it crosses over 3064 level”.

Yesterday, Gold Petal’s made 3023 low and closed at 3030. It both targets has come.

Today we will see MCX Gold below 30250. But it’s a boom time. Further information will update for premium subscribers only on our mobile app.

free silver tips

UPDATE: Silver’s Signs for a November Bottom

Click here and check out yesterday’s intraday call of Silver.

Silver missed few points to touch our yesterday’s target. Do you think, it will hit our target 35700 today?

Subscribe our service to know more.

UPDATE: Lead’s Time Is Coming

mcx lead tipsClick here and check the lead’s positional call report.

I had written, “but if you see a closing price of lead below or around 136.2, we could sell for 134 – 132.6”.

Yesterday, lead has made 133.15 low and closed at 133.4. Lead first target has come.

Will it touch the second target (132.6)?

UPDATE: Is Zinc’s Freefall Over?

mcx zinc tipsClick here and check our Technically analyzed Zinc’s chart and short-term call.

I had written in bold words, “Hurdle: 182.4 Downside Targets: 178 – 175 – 170.

Yesterday, zinc has made 175.55 low and closed 176.55. Zinc has completed the first target. Do you think, it will touch the 2nd and 3rd targets?

mcx aluminium tips

Unstoppable Aluminium

If you don’t see any reversal, aluminium can hit 133.6 – 130 levels soon. Accurate entry-level and stop loss is available for premium members only.

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MCX Silver, Gold Petal & CPO Trading Signals

Silver’s Signs for a November Bottom

Yesterday our premium subscribers had sold silver at 36400. You can check our call’s screenshot:
silver trading call

But today is it safe to short?
A complete breakout of the level $14.285 required to sell again for 35700.

Gold Petal Outlook

mcx gold petalYesterday Gold Petal has lost 5 rupees and closed at 3052. It is safe to short for 3040 – 3030 – 3020 levels. Do not mess with Gold petal if it crossover 3064 level.

mcx crude palm oil intraday tips

Major Turnaround in Crude Palm Oil’s Price

In the last trading session, the crude palm oil price has dropped 9.5 rupees.
CPO Next Targets: 490 – 484 – 480

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Weekly update: MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas, Copper, CPO, Cardamom


I was updated chart with Gold and silver direction on July 29, Click here to read it.
That time I said, BIG BOOM IS NEAR. I told you, “If MCX Gold close above 25482 level, then we’ll see 28751 – 29297 – 29801

In just 3-4 trading sessions, it kissed all targets.
And I also said, “40452 level is very dangerous for buyers because once close below then it will crush non-stop and touch 39916 – 39482 – 38980 below. But I am very glad to inform you, it trend is looking upward and targets 416468 – 41805 – 42105 – 42438 above.”
As I expected, it moved and kissed all targets!
Do you want to know more then you should to subscribe our service. Below, I going to write more about Gold and Silver.

mcx natural gas

Oh God, I have proof, I am not speaking lie to reader. Let me show you something. WATCH BELOW CHART:
Above 1st position chart was updated AUG 08 2013. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT AGAIN.
What I said, “First, If natural gas close below 202.5 then it will touch 198-195 level. Last Stop ! 195 Level, and then it will kiss 210-218+”
NATURAL GAS KISSED OUR FIRST TARGET! I also draw arrow there. Look out now. What else you need?

mcx ncdex crude oil

Crude oil made all time and closed 6754 level then obviously it will move upward more. To be alert when it open, once it crosses 6760 then buy without worry with my ultimate targets: 6785-6810+ and remember it not cross my level plus open in downside then sell.!
Always keep in mind: Exact level + Exact stop loss = For my paid subscribers!

mcx copper

MCX Copper was breakout 2011 last high 465.45 level and closed 467.25 level. You should also think about copper. Definitely it will show you big surprise in the future. I recommend keep patience for while it closes 2-3 sessions downward OR upward. Yes, intraday traders can crunch few coins from it. Once it opens upward then buy at opening bell with targets: 470-472 and if open downward then forget it!

mcx ncdex cpo

110% Hot! Start counting: 525-526.5-528-530+
Stop loss and Exact level for my paid my member.

cardamom mcx ncdex

I don’t need to write more. Sell, targets: 731-723-713

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mcx silver world

In Moneymunch weekly outlook of MCX Market, what I said about MCX Silver?
Click here to read again! I said, “40452 level is very dangerous for buyers because once close below then it will crush non-stop and touch 39916 – 39482 – 38980 below. But I am very glad to inform you, it trend is looking upward and targets 41668 – 41805 – 42105 – 42438 above.”
As I said, yesterday silver was kissed our second 41805. Enjoy!
What you expect now? It’ll kiss next target OR go down huh?

gold mcx

Oh yeah, I also gave you alert about Gold. What was that? First, click here and read our newsletter again now. I said, “Remember, Gold last stop station is 28132 level. If MCX Gold close above this level then we’ll see 28751 – 29297 – 29801
As I said, Gold moved up and closed above 28132 and made high 28770. It means, it kissed our first target easily. So what you expect now about Gold huh? For to know it, you need to subscribe our service first.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style03″]Today, my subscribers sold crude oil @ 6340 with S/L 6360 and Targets was: 6300-6278. Just few minute ago booked full profit @ 6300 level. What else you need?[/sws_blockquote_endquote]

I also updated about Natural gas, CPO and Copper and these items are on way to hit our targets.

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Commodity Update: Gold Petal, Cardamom, Wheat and GuarSeed & Turmeric

mcx gold petal tips

Looking very strong for short term!
My Short Term Targets: 2916 – 2929 – 2940+
More information for subscribers only!

ncdex cardamom tips

I don’t need to write more…
If once it will open in downside then SELL SELL SELL!
Targets: 595.5 – 592.8

ncdex wheat tips

Last two week, wheat is falling downside
Work with wheat is very risky and I’ll not say, exact level – exact time because it’s for my subscribers only!
Sell wheat between 1170 – 1168 levels
Targets: 1165 – 1163 – 1162

(Remember STOPLOSS 1172)

For Become My Subscriber – JUST CLICK HERE

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