NEW UPDATE: MCX Gold, Silver, Metha Oil and NCDEX Soy oil

Yesterday as I said, Copper and Gold made ride and subscribers enjoyed! What about today..??? Today market will take U-Turn but Downside or Upside? I’ll say it to my subscriber.

I’m going to update about Mentha Oil and Soy oil for Free users.


Metha oil is looking weak and if anything weak in market then we’ll sell it without worry.
Just go sell Mentha Oil
Targets: 1212 – 1174 – 1146
Free users for stoploss yesterday low..!


I don’t believe more on Soy oil but what to do? We need to do something for belly…
Go and Buy Soy Oil on deep
Targets: 726 – 728 – 730
Stoploss: 719.5

I write below Gold and Silver report… You want to read about Gold and Silver direction?

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New Update – MCX and NCDEX: Gold, Silver, CPO, Crude Oil, Castor Seed and Soy Oil

gold silver mcx tips

Nowadays market is running sideways but Gold and Silver looking strong. Two Things you must do for earn. Just Go and Buy Gold for short term. Profit booking levels: 28739 – 28812 – 28900. Silver is also looking upwards but exact time with exact level for my subscribers only!

mcx ncdex cpo

Who want to earn safely from MCX Market?
Intact Targets: 631 – 634 – 637

crude oil

MCX Crude Oil is near to Hurdle 5230. Don’t trade blindly in Energy Sector otherwise you’ll lost your earned all money. Once it breaks and closes below to hurdle then big bloodbath. It’ll fall upto 5199 – 5169 – 5154. If it’ll close today above to hurdle then don’t worry buyers because we will see at 5332 soon.


NCDEX Castor Seed looking bit strong and risky!
Agro Players buy it @ Opening bell
Targets: 3529 – 3542
Make stoploss 3497

ncdex soy oil

100% Safe and Hot Commodities!
You can buy NCDEX Soy oil anywhere with targets: 774 – 781+

New Update: MCX Gold, Lead, Copper and NCDEX Jeera, Soy Oil, chili..

mcx gold

I had written about Gold and said it’ll go down and bla-bla-bla… are you remember my stoploss 27886..??? That day, Gold open @ 27850 and in  just a few sec. opening bell after it made high 27886. Who can play if gold will make behave like this? Nowadays Gold is very volatile. Don’t work on it. On 21st March, I said to my even subscribersDon’t trade in Commodity Market. It’s looking very volatile. Don’t work without our SMS in any commodities.


I don’t understand what people are doing with their money
Just go with lead without worry
Targets: 101.5 – 100.8
Stoploss yesterday high for free users!

alert-warning  Note: I’ll update soon about Copper for subscribers only. I’m looking short term top of copper 440+. More information for subscribers only!

NCDEX Jeera, chili and Soy oil: Down Trend. More information for subscribers by SMS!

You want to know..???

UPDATE: NCDEX Soy Oil (All targets kissed)

ncdex soy oil

On 5th March 2012 What I had written about Soy Oil..???

It was running around 709 – 707 that time I said, “Long Term Investors keep your eye on NCDEX Soy Oil. Targets were: 722 – 730+”

I said to my subscribers by SMS: “LONG-TERM – BUY NCDEX SOY OIL @ CMP. QTY CHOICE IS YOUR! TARGETS: 722 – 730+”

Our all targets touched
Did you see it OR not?

I’m sure, you everyone enjoyed my free calls!
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MCX NCDEX Update: Silver, Gold, Nickel, Mentha Oil, Potato, Crude Oil, Soy oil and more

mcx ncdex crude oil

What I had written about Crude oil on 2nd Feb..???
Just Click Here to See it
I said, “Buy MCX Crude oil NO WORRY!! Targets were: 5367 – 5400 – 5440
Crude oil kissed second target 5400
What else you want?
I hope everyone enjoyed!

mcx silver tip

What I had written about MCX Silver..???
I told you on 2nd Feb, “Today is same, you can go with silver. Intraday Traders Make targets: 58988 – 59343 – 59820
On 2nd Feb silver made high 59376 and kissed our second target
Did you see it or not?
Everyday mint money with Moneymunch, Enjoy!!!

mcx aluminium

What I told you about Aluminum?
I said, “Buy aluminum @ 114.5 and Targets: 115.2 – 115.8
That one also blasted and our all target 115.2 achieved

gold silver mcx tips

Traders can see unexpected rally today in two hours only!
Street to the point, Buy Buy Buy …@ Opening bell …Buy your choice of qty.
Targets: 28107 – 28178
Remember, opening bell should be up side after work on it. Stoploss I’ll say to my subscriber!
Note down, nowadays I’m looking upwards MCX Silver. Short Term traders can’t work on it but Long Term Traders for looking great opportunity. I’ll say more to my client.

mcx nickel

Don’t miss, today I’m going to write about MCX Nickel
Intraday Traders please watch its opening bell carefully and it should be upwards.
Intraday Targets: 979 – 982 – 985
Stoploss I’ll say to my client only!


Long Term Investors keep your eye on NCDEX Soy Oil (Last close: 710.45)
Targets: 722 – 730+

More information for subscribers in password protected zone
Client Update: Soy Oil Stoploss / Mentha Oil / Potato and more…
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NEW UPDATE MCX/NCDEX: Silver, Nickel, Copper, Zinc and CPO & Soy oil and Potato


Today we’re going to do new update on MCX/NCDEX. MCX Silver, Nickel, Copper, Zinc and NCDEX Soy oil, Potato.

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Because only subscriber can read my views about Silver/Nickel/Copper/Zinc/Soy oil/Potato..

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