MCX NCDEX: Gold, Silver, Mentha oil, Pepper & Steel Long Tips

mcx gold silver calls

What I had written yesterday about MCX Gold & Silver?
Buy Gold @ 22895 & Buy Silver @ Opening bell
If your memory is like Ghajini (short term) or don’t believe then click below
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As I said, silver moved & made new high
Yesterday, as I said, silver targets: 58238 – 58676+
And Gold made an all-time new high
Yes, my subscribers bought gold @ 22895 and still lion heart subscribers holding. Yes, my safe subscribers booked profit @ 23000.
Means all free readers in profit and enjoying our calls…

ncdex pepper tips

Lion Heart Traders come with me
Make double dhamal in NCDEX
Buy Peper @ Opening bell without worry
Targets: 28400 – 28587
(Safe traders for bad line: 27890)

Yes, my subscribers minting money daily from market. Who subscribed service?

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Commodity Tips: Silver, Mentha oil, Nickel, Copper, Pepper

mcx silver tips

1st Dec 2010, I had written “If you want to do suicide then SHORT SILVER!
Click here to see it
Silver kissed my first target 43711 yesterday
Did you see it or miss it?
Okay, now wait for second target 44023


Mentha Oil
mentha oil tipsYesterday as I expected, exactly mentha oil taking ride Upside.
Today I expect to fire…


mcx crude oil signals

I’m watching unexpected money again in crude oil
If you really want to play with it then Go & Buy
I’m watching Crude oil in highly bullish trend
My target for crude oil – 4022 – 4094


mcx copper calls

Yes, my subscribers minted money in copper after crossovers my hurdle 386.5
My target for Copper 400 – 402 and yesterday copper touched my 1st target
No problem, copper said to me after crossovers hurdle
We’re highly BULLISH, don’t worry.
New target for copper 405 – 409 for short term traders


mcx nickel tips

God promise, I never had written to sell nickel past 2 weeks.
Buy Nickel again after crossovers 1079
Target: 1096 – 1111
(God sake, still my short term subscribers holding on nickel for last target 1111)

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Over the last few weeks we have seen major market rise and fall that have left investors running scared… Do you know, multi-year highs were the result for corn, and beans with wheat getting close? Yes, it’s true. “Price is never high or low, it’s simply at the stability level based on buyers and sellers action in the marketplace.”

“Commodities are seeing several bigger pressures on China’s news because any attempt to make tighter their policy is going to dampen their ability to grow.”

gif media politician

I would have thinking commodities would be DOWN MORE

China is the world’s second-biggest gold shopper after India also the biggest shopper of base metals and investors are concerned that one or more rate hikes to dampen rising Chinese inflation could hit demand for the commodities.


I’m watching very hot commodity

I think, this time TURMERIC will make new high around 16700

We should to buy it @ 15929

Target 16324 – 16517 – 16700

(Don’t dare to take long in this commodity)


Sell it, commodity ready to crash upto 21389 – 21177


If you have Lion Heart, do one thing – SELL this Three – Make Money Tree

What peoples saying about these commodities BLA BLA BLA, watching very hot with down movement, SELL SELL!

Exact time – Exact Level – My subscribers only

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Guesstimate: NCDEX Pepper, chana & crude oil tips

ncdex pepper tips

Yesterday after hitting a new high of 21993 it closed 21815 level.

Now, what to expect from this level?

Once touch 21657 then watch slide upto 21819 – 22001

ncdex chana

Today, just watch 2461 level very closely !

If touch with good volume then I’m expecting UP movement

Nonstop rally after 2461 to 2469 – 2474

ncdex crude oil

If open around yesterday close price then without worry buy around 3867

I’m expecting good money there.

Yes, its target is 3882 – 3892

Don’t hold long…!

Yes, Exact time and Exact level – My subscribers only

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NCDEX Pepper, Rape Mustard seed & Chana Tips & Updates

Yesterday, I said about Pepper, Rape Mustard seed and Chana.

All calls are fired… Enjoy!

NCDEX Pepper

NCDEX Pepper

I given you call one day ago about pepper. Buy it @ 19614.

Pepper blast today,

My pepper target achieved with huge profit @ 19800.

Did you see it or miss it?

What you expect from this level?

NCDEX Rape Mustard seed

ncdex Rape Mustard seed

Do you remember what I said?

“If you want to earn huge money without risk”

Buy it @ opening bell and forget.

First target achieved Rs.564… ENJOY!

What you expect now?



Do you remember what I said?

Yesterday I said, Chana le lo bhai, chana.

Did you do this?

Chana first target achieved Rs.2442.

Now what to do?

I’ll update more subscribers only.

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NCDEX Pepper, Rape Mustard seed & Chana Trading Tips

NCDEX Pepper (Last close 19689):

NCDEX Pepper

Pepper support for short term trader 19614 and my target is 19800.

NCDEX Rape Mustard seed(Last close 559.85):

NCDEX Rape Mustard seed

Who want to earn huge money and without risk?

You? Ok, than bought it @ opening bell and forget.

My targets are 564 – 571.

NCDEX Chana (Last close 2423):


Chane khao – Mast ho jao.

We’re horse of commodity market.

Who want to go with me for long riding?

Try to munch chana above 2412.

My targets is 2442 – 2453

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