Commodity Newsletter: Gold, Nickel, Zinc, Crude oil, Chili, Cardamom, Cocudakl

Fed is going to be more accommodate with the printing presses, which is good for commodities and the European Central Bank also announced last week that they will basically have an open-ended bond buying program. That is also good for commodity prices moving higher. Crude oil has been rather flat in recent weeks and I am looking it’ll move downside soon with forming a V bottom, which usually indicates larger rallies and downwards ahead. And last, everyone know as I expect MCX Gold blasted Higher!

chilli ncdex

Looking very good opportunity in NCDEX Chili… If you have good money stock then Go and sell it today. It’ll touch 4570-4551

cardamom mcx ncdex

MCX small players Go and sell Cardamom as you can.
It’ll kiss 750 shortly!
Short term target: 800

If you’re thinking for Buy Cocudakl then think again! I’m expecting totally different for it.

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New Update: MCX Gold, Lead, Copper and NCDEX Jeera, Soy Oil, chili..

mcx gold calls

I had written about Gold and said it’ll go down and bla-bla-bla… are you remember my stoploss 27886? That day, Gold open @ 27850 and in  just a few sec. opening bell after it made high 27886. Who can play if gold will make behave like this? Nowadays Gold is very volatile. Don’t work on it. On 21st March, I said to my even subscribersDon’t trade in Commodity Market. It’s looking very volatile. Don’t work without our SMS in any commodities.

mcx lead calls

I don’t understand what people are doing with their money
Just go with lead without worry
Targets: 101.5 – 100.8
Stoploss yesterday high for free users!

alert-warning  Note: I’ll update soon about Copper for subscribers only. I’m looking short term top of copper 440+. More information for subscribers only!

NCDEX Jeera, chili and Soy oil: Down Trend. More information for subscribers by SMS!

You want to know?

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MCX Silver, Nickel, CPO and NCDEX Jeera, Chili Tips

MCX Silver calls

Who want to die today? You…? If you don’t want to do suicide then don’t go short/long on any commodities. Yes, you can make your money double nowadays but you need to know, ‘How can I?’ God sake, I’ll guide you truly but if daily I will update about MCX and NCDEX Market then what’ll different between my client and free users?
That’s why I decide, I’ll write about MCX Silver/Nickel /CPO/NCDEX Jeera/Chili for subscribers only!
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UPDATE: Crude Oil, Chili, & Potato

mcx crude oil tips

What I said 2nd Feb 2012 about Crude Oil?
When Crude Oil run @ 4861 that time I said you SELL SELL SELL
I had written 4 Targets: 4829 – 4779 – 4742 – 4681
war man gif
Crude Oil touched my 3rd target and made low 4710
Now what you want more?
Just Enjoy!

chilli ncdex tips

What I had written about Chili?
When chili was run around 6034
I said, “97% guarantee chili will go downwards today
And chili made low 5962
Female Warrior Dance
Daily Munch Money with Moneymunch!

mcx potato calls

What I said about Potato’s on 2nd Feb?
I said,”110% Hot Commodity! Buy @ 699 Targets: 702 – 704 Stoploss: 697
male gif dancer
2nd Feb @ Afternoon ALL TARGETS BLAST!
What you expect now?
More update for subscribers only!

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New Update MCX/NCDEX: Copper, Crude Oil, Chili, Potato & Sugar

mcx copper

You can make your money double. Just need you simple way to know How I Can Make Double?
God sake, I’ll guide you truly. BUY COPPER ON DEEP AS YOU CAN. Copper is running around 418 and my last target 431+.
Short Term Targets: 421 – 423 – 426 – 429
More information about copper my subscribers only!
Don’t forget, I had written above information about Copper it’s enough for Ghajini Types Traders.

crude oil tips

Crude Oil another name is Black Gold right?
Yes, let’s go with Black Gold.
Targets: 4829 – 4779 – 4742 – 4681
Hurdle: 4927

chilli ncdex tips

I’ll not write more about it. 97% guarantee chili will go downwards today.

mcx-potatos tips

Who want to play safe?
110% Hot Commodity!
Just Go and Buy it around 699 levels
Targets: 702 – 704
(Make Stoploss 697)

ncdex sugar girl

Sugar… I’ll update by SMS to my Subscribers only!

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MCX/NCDEX New Update: Gold, Crude Oil, Soy Oil, Chili & Cocudakl

Hmm, today I’m thinking to write for my subscribers only. Who are my subscribers? Just Login into our website and you can read Full Newsletter.
I write below: MCX Gold, Crude Oil and Soy Oil, Cocudakl and Chili
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