FREE Commodity NCDEX Castor seed, Jeera and Soya oil Tips

ncdex castor seed chart

Look at above chart, you can understand easily where it will go. If NCDEX Castor seed close above yesterday high, then you may buy it.
Targets: 3600 – 3550 – 3500 below

ncdex jeera

NCDEX Jeera is looking strong for today. Opening bell maybe anywhere, but overall move will be up.
Targets: 15227 – 15411


Soya oil is little risky for NCDEX traders, but they can sell it if opening downward.
Targets: 590 – 588
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FREE Commodity Aluminium, Lead, Crude oil… intraday tips

MCX Aluminium tips

Yesterday MCX Aluminium moved up and made high of  112.6 plus it closed up! But still I am saying it’s down!
Anyway, whatever people think but you just have to remember 110 level. If it close below 110 level then you will see 109.4-108.2-107.8 level.


Whatever market predictors say about lead but after some bull moves it shows you heavy down movements. Lead last closed at 109.2 level, but write down anywhere because you will 107.8-106.8 level.


Crude oil tips

mcx ncdex cpo

I don’t think CPO operator will try to lift up. You can sell it anywhere!
Short term targets: 448 – 445


Whatever opening bells will, NCDEX Index but overall looking weak. Just like that, castor seed may move up, but at the end it will go below 3500 level. [CMP: 3636]

ncdex chana

Buy as deep as you can because shortly we will see 3700 to 3750 level.

NCDEX Coriander tips

Coriander is the best commodity product of NCDEX and for seller. If you’re able to sell it, then sell it now and hold!
Previous close: 6438 and My intact target: 6000

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NCDEX Tips on Castor seed, Soybean, Soy oil & Dhaniya


After long time, we discover high-quality opportunity on NCDEX Castor Seed. Buy at bottom with targets: 4186-4210-4242 above. This call is for Lion Heart Traders only.

Sorry, exit level knows only \members!

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ncdex soybean soy oil

NCDEX Soy oil and Soybean are running conjointly. I would like to give the message, “U-turn point is coming soon!
Just stay your eyes on it, I will inform soon to subscribers about upcoming big bang!

ncdex dhaniya


This week Dhaniya will sustain upside movement carry on and freeze at 10,000 level in between next 2 weeks.
Targets: 9570-9600-9777-9900+

Note: If you don’t recognize levels accurately and going to make trade without specialist recommendation then I should to say you undoubtedly, “Don’t buy Dhaniya”! Because, exit level is very important. Profit from our Experience!

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Free MCX & NCDEX Tips: Gold, Silver, Natural gas, crude…

Natural Gas
If you remember then try to remind I was told you on 15th Dec commodity newsletter, “Natural gas shows you Big correction and not move continuously upward”. On that day, natural gas suddenly closed downward and made good low by a small U-Turn. Today, we’ll look to unexpected movement. I am sure it will be upside with new levels 279-283+ and at 272 risk also available. Correction is still looking on it. If you don’t have fundamental and technical knowledge then do not make any trade because it can kiss 272-270 level also.

mcx silver

Do you remember 15th Dec Silver tips? Go here to check what we said.
I said boldly, “Targets: 44000 – 43500 – 42500 below” as well as I also said, “Monday morning MCX Silver will open and close upside”
Anyway, Silver touched our first target yesterday and today expecting to kiss our second one.
Do you want to know about Gold? First, you need to subscribe because only available for members.

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mcx gold


Now it’s time to remember 13th Dec newsletter. Click here to look what we were saying about crude oil tips.
I said, “Who’s waiting to make exact position? Go and buy MCX Crude oil. Targets: 6130-6154-6183
All targets done, anybody never understands market movement.


NCDEX Players, play safely with NCDEX castorseed. I don’t think to write in deep about it but remember opening bell should be upward.
Targets: 4963-4989+
Short term: 5060


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Free Commodity Tips on MCX Gold, Silver, Copper

mcx gold

After 2002 year, first time I look MCX Gold chart in downtrend. U.S Gold Friday close at $1250.4, up $5.8 for the week and silver added 13.2 cents. U.S. Dollar – Indian Rupee move will  effect on Gold movement plus U.S. Index break support 80.3 and close below this level continuously 2 days then we’ll see big bloodbath in Gold movement.

mcx silver

Look above MCX Silver chart carefully. You will get easily if silver break support or resistance then something happen otherwise you need to trade between ST and RT simple!

This is what happening in Silver but what will happen in this week, do you guess it? I will say it to members due to market hours.

MCX Gold Trend, Support and Resistance with weekly outlook are available for member. subscribers, please use your username and password below for read more

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Look above MCX Copper chart, it’s running between my support & resistance from couple of weeks and if break support then it will kiss 435-430-428 without any trouble. This week copper 80% chances to break support. Thus, keep your eyes on support only!

Remember, if copper will not break support then definitely we will look at 450 above closing and after direct resistance!

NCDEX Guar Seeds

Day before yesterday at 9:47AM what I said about Guar Seed?
Click here to read it
I had written, “Today, intraday traders can sell guarseed
Targets: 4747-4677-4595 below”
It kissed our first target at same day and continuously moving downwardly.
What you expect? It will kiss my all targets or not?

Note: I was updated NCDEX Castor seed & Cotton on 29 Nov, but both are open opposite to my words as said. I hope, you’re following advice and if not then read carefully next time. (Because I was said if open positive then buy castor seed and if open downward then sell cotton!)

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Commodity MCX NCDEX Updates and Free Tips on Aluminium, Zinc, Cotton, Cocudakl, Potato, Guar seed and castor seed


Do you remember 26 Nov?
What I said that day about Aluminium?
First, click here and read it again!
I said, “MCX Aluminum is falling downward continuously after break our hurdle 111. I told you my subscribers, it will move downwardly. Anyway, yesterday, Aluminum made a new low 107.8 level in 3 months. Expecting more bloodbath with targets: 106.7-105-104.3
Here, my first target complete.
What you expect now?
It will go more downside and touch second target or U-Turn?
For to know that, you need to take our service.

FOR SUBSCRIBER: Do you remember, day before yesterday I said to my  thought newsletter (click here) & SMS for sell Cocudakl & Potato..
gif silver
Almost, potato all targets done and on Cocudakl booked profit @ 1391.

mcx ncdex kapas cutton

Expecting more blood from Cotton. Remember, the opening bell is very important here. Once open downward then sell it. Targets will be 18620-18538

mcx zinc

I hope, you remember 10 Nov newsletter. If not then click here read it again.
I had written, “Hurdle: 118.2
Close below hurdle means big blood bath & kiss: 116.8 – 115.5 below
ninja gif
Zinc all targets fired!
What else you need?
Now, what you expect?

ncdex Guar Seeds

Today, intraday traders can sell guarded
Targets: 4747-4677-4595 below


Castor seed made a new high yesterday. Looking very 100% hot for NCDEX players. If it opens positive, then go and buy with targets: 4480-4500
More information I will update about Gold & Silver due to market hours for my subscribers!

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