CADJPY Marching Towards The Second Target.


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CADJPY was forming a last impulsive wave 5 of primary degree.

It had completed the corrective structure, running flat.

After accomplishing the C leg, the price surged from 87.48 to 90.

Price was above 50-MA, which was the indication of a strong trend. It was a beginning of a new impulsive move. I found that the price can make a big move up to 93.84. 

As I mentioned in my previous article, “We can expect the following targets 91.46-92.29-93.849.

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Price broke the 50-MA & minor resistance of 90.382.

Yesterday, CADJPY reached the first target of 91.46 and made a new high of 91.667.

Although the price is gaining momentum, it never moves in a straight line.

It will create a series of highs and lows to create an uptrend.

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EWT: CADJPY Preparing for 93.84

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Price has completed the C leg of corrective wave Primary ((4)), and the price will march for impulsive wave ((5)).

Wave Formations:

Wave ((1))

– Leading diagonal
– Formed on extreme low
– Termination sub-wave 5 is smaller than 3

Wave ((2))

– Zigzag
50% of wave ((1))
– Ended near the sub-wave 4 of an impulsive wave.

Wave ((3))

– Impulse (Five wave moves)
– Extended 2.618% of wave 1

Wave ((4))

– Running triangle/running flat
38.2% of wave ((3))
– Ended above wave (b)

Wave ((5))

– Wave ((1)) was a leading diagonal, so wave ((5)) can’t form as a diagonal. It will be an impulsive wave.
– Wave 3 can end near 161.8% of the 4th wave at 93.492.
– Wave 1= Wave 5 at 93.765
– Wave 5 can complete after touching the parallel channel at 93.849.

We can expect the following targets: 91.46-92.29-93.849

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Global Currency


The dollar rise on last Friday against the Euro on Friday euro bought 1.3590, down from Thursday’s level of 1.3606.
We expect here drift down to 1.3570 – 1.3556 – 1.3500 and more.
Keep your eye on 1. 3590 once brake of it and pair will move for next high.


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I said “ Resistance 101.59 cross of these level and we see some more bullish trend to 101.96 – 102.48 – 103.00.
It kissed my 2nd target

What you think?
Will it kiss my 3rd and last targets?
Well, member knows everything but I will also update for you later.



Current rise should end with resistance 168.08.
Can move with the targets 167.03 – 166.42 and more is must

but have to keep eyes on 168.50 level rise above it is bullish again.

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Indian Currency



Buyers can take positions from the opening bell only if open above 102.95 with targets 103.76 – 104.46 – 104.97.

Keep eyes on resistance 102.85.
Unable to break the resistance, and we must see the bloodbath. To which level will update for our subscribers only.


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