Nifty Future Trend & Tips for Today

Opening Bell Massage Of Yesterday :

Buy NF @ 6015/6000 level and Stoploss 5995 and Targets 6105-6135 and also hold for targets 6167-6185/6232

(Already Target Achieved yesterday, but My Subscribers given Next Target to hold 6162-6185/6232)

– Just see …It kissed :6136 level !

(Aso, you given to you to buy nifty @ 6015)

What for Today?

Nifty may open: 6144-6156

(Yes, My Subscribers long in NF from 6015 and also bought more 6036)

Just Watch Today 6043

If stay above 10 min to 15 min …Then, it will kiss 6166-6178

(Book Profit of your long here)

Watch 6175 above

(If stay above for 5min… then PANIC 6222-6236)

Yes, This panic target given to you & My Subscribers yesterday

From 6162-6180: Nifty Can fall 40-70 Points…?

I’ll update more for my subscribers

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Bounce back Possibility (ZEEL, NAGARCONST) Result



your stop loss 5995

Charts Indicate, From here Bounce back possible…?

Lets See… What happen?

I’ll update for Subscriber…

What time market will give recovery?

1 o clock or 1:50 o clock…?

Remembers Levels of Nifty future … 101% you will success…

Buy in deep ZEEL, NAGARCONST (Levels updated for Subscribers only)

The Quarterly Results for the following companies are due to be announced today: L & T, HDFC, ING Vysya Bank, CRISIL

Somebody is known to result before 10-15 days: Relatives, Promoters, friends etc.

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Nifty Fut. 18-10-2010

Just Watch Opening bells: 6063-6072

Minor Support: 6052 & Suppose to not break 6065 also,… then targets 6105-6132 & Positional 6185-6235

(If stay below 6055 for 10min… it will Take 6035-6028)

Today Watch: 6025

(Once breaks and close below it… PANIC will test 5969-5955)

Positional Message: Closing below: 6000 (Nifty Trend enter into Bearish)

Targets 5922-5900 and 5865-5832

From here, Bounce Possibility is highly activated… for 6178-6235

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NIFTY Trend & Intraday Trading Tips

Our Subscribers sold Nifty Future @ 6240 for targets 6068 and 5975 on 7 Oct. Thursday

(It was kissed to 6072)

Nifty fut. 6190-6199… GO For SELL with your Stoploss 6207

(Touched 6132 same day)

What for Today Nifty fut.?

Just watch range 6089-6138

No more movement…

If breaks 6080… then I’ll update

Once, cross above 6140 and close above 6132 so, PANIC Targets 6179-6190

Below 6180, ready for bloodbath and PANIC 6022-5976

In the coming days of 13 oct. to 15 oct.: You will see new with market (Bulls & Bears move)

I’m not going to open Secrete here

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…

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Nifty Analysis

What for Today?

Above 6030…will test 6057-6069 level
(Suppose to cross 6060 and stay for 10 min)

Suppose, if happens and trade above 6060 for 10 minutes then watch more rally…up to 6086–6100 level.

Support: 5993-5999

End of Trading or Monday will confirm that nifty will touch 5832



More NSE Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…

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Nifty Future Intraday Tips with Daily Chart



Disclosure: In last Message, Written to sell between 6087-6095 for targets 6065-6065 & Also 6038
(Nifty Tested 6093& fallen to 6055)

What for Today?

Just, Keep eye on 6018
If breaks & stay for 10min. below it…then PANIC Selling Targets 5986-5977 and Position 5916-5875 if close below 6007
Above it, Zoom – up to 6055-6063 and 6100-6080
Now, Very near that day when 50 and 70 Points Down Gap…
Just, Follow levels only…we only writes levels & believes it…

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to stock market hrs…

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