The outlook of Natural Gas

Only and only with any luck we could get an up rally in natural gas. Natural gas drops around to 7-Month low. It breaks my past Resistance 174.9. Now a big storm started in Natural Gas. Fundamental outlook of natural gas are trading down on NYMEX and MCX nowadays.

Alert: If break my resistance 174.9 then natural gas can kiss 190.

What to do now with natural gas? There is no reason to buy it.

Big blizzard already started and Natural gas will touch 160 – 155 – 150 soon… Don’t forget my resistance.

Do you know right time to get entry?

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hours…

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Buy NSE IOC Stock Now To Get Handsome Profit


Buying ranges are – 424 – 425

Go with Targets – 429 & 434-436

Short Term Targets can see – 443-451

(Must be close above – 427)

Don’t miss it, And

If breaks “423” and stay for 5 min So Exit from it.

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…

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UPDATE: Mentha Oil Outlook & Tips

MCX Mentha Oil Tips

What I said about Mentha Oil? Just one day back…

Yesterday I said intraday trader for last stand is 897 and MethnaOil touched exact my level 897.
Ok traders did you see it or miss it?
Yesterday it kissed our targets, so now just relax and enjoy the money…
You need to enter with exact level.
I said for Long term trader – first level 900. It kissed.
Now, observe it sharply up movement.

Now, what to expect from this level? What to do?

Update more detail to our Subscribers only

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Thinking About Money?

Following on-from minimizing your exposure, we come to your relationship with money.

Whether we like it or not, money is highly prized in our soity. It’s important. And we attach a lot of feeling to it.

How then will you feel when you see hundreds of dollars(perhaps thousand, depending on your account size) go up in smoke in front of you?

The problem is, ”expenses” are part of the game. You have to lost some to win some more. There is no holy grail.

If you can’t change your relationship with money, then just don’t think about is. Focus instead on numbers.

Think “percentage of trading account”. Think “average risk-to-reward ratio”. Think “potential profit points versus maximum points risked”.

Concentrate on getting the numbers right and the money will take care of itself.

NSE ABGSHIP & RELCAPITAL Tips – Target Reached

Ok traders did you see it or miss it?

What we say about ABGSHIP and RELCAPITAL before 2 days…

Yesterday both kiiiiiiiiiiiissed our targets…

So now just relax and enjoy the money….

Its Money Munch… or you can say Munch of Money….

Those traders who miss this “Better luck next time”

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